Ukrainian French are reluctant to flee the country after the Russian invasion

“Frankly, we have exceeded our limits. Vladimir Putin is questioning the very existence of Ukraine.” Jeremy, who has been in Ukraine for 15 years, is involved in logistics. He couldn’t fall asleep and heard Vladimir Putin’s speech early on Thursday morning, February 24th.Russian President announces “military operation” in Ukraine According to him, to protect the separatists on the eastern side of the country, despite the sanctions imposed by the western side. “I don’t think there is a limit anymore.Jeremy says. We are at the mercy of him No one knows what he’s trying to do, making a decision. “

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A series of explosions was heard in Kiev, where Jeremy was installed, and a bombing prevention siren sounded. He describes the atmosphere around him, the tension, but not the panic: “I realized that the airspace was blocked, and just 40 minutes later I heard three or four explosions. Since then, Kiev has been calm, I went shopping, and a lot of supermarket shopping. There are people. Preparing for the next few days. “”

“There was also a problem with distributors starting to run out of money, and in many places they couldn’t pay with a credit card.”

Jérémie, a Frenchman living in Kiev

on franceinfo

From Wednesday to Thursday night, France called on the Ukrainian people to “leave the country without delay.” Jeremy hasn’t made a decision yet. He hesitates to say he witnessed the true escape of the Kiev inhabitants, who departed early this morning for the west of the country. Neighbors aiming for the border with Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. “I was able to see the car parade from 6 am.He says. I think there is a problem with everything that fuels the border with Hungary and Slovakia. “

Drivers are lined up to arrive at a gas station in Kiev, Ukraine, on February 24, 2022.  (SERGEY DOLZHENKO / MAXPPP)

The same hesitation on the side of Benoit, who lives in Dnipro, southeast of the country. He heard two big explosions this morning and asked 400 Ukrainian employees to stay home. He doesn’t want to find himself in a long line of cars on the road. “If I have the opportunity to leave and the Russian army arrives at Dnipro, I will ask myself the question of leaving.He says. What I’m hearing is that the army is heading for Mariupol. “

“I have two suitcases ready, I have a full car, and we will see.”

Benoit, a Frenchman living in Dnipro

on franceinfo

Worried but not in a hurry, Benoit, like many, scrutinizes the news on television and mobile phones.

These Ukrainian French-Sandrine Etoa-Andègue hesitate to flee the country after the Russian invasion


French entrepreneur Nadim Saadeh decided to shut down a company specializing in electronics on Thursday morning, leaving Kiev by car and heading to Warsaw, Poland, with a few French colleagues. Decided. “We have a total of 10 people in 3 cars. We have no kids to make the decision easier. We want to fly to Paris after arriving in Warsaw.”

Entrepreneurs describe what they see around them from a crowded highway to the Polish border. “On the road, you’ll see monster traffic jams, scenes you couldn’t imagine with people walking away with backpacks and luggage, and Kiev with food, light armor, soldiers, and even missile launchers. There is also an army escort fleet heading to. For three hours, we didn’t cover miles, we were full of gasoline, food and food.

“It’s very sad to see the people of Kiev and Ukraine in this state. This country is not worth it.”

Nadim Saadeh, French entrepreneur

on franceinfo

“Kiev this morning was a sad city, a city of escapeNadim Saadeh continues. There is a very long line in front of banks and grocery stores. I’ve been talking for a few days and I think I didn’t expect it. “

Ukrainian French talks about flying to Warsaw-Sandrine Etoa-Interview with Andègue