Ukrainian War: Can Russia Steal Internet Access from France?

“It is very difficult”

Currently, 436 submarine cables are used worldwide, for a total of 1.3 million kilometers. Fifty-one of them are the same width as the garden hose and are supplied to France via the Atlantic Ocean. Estimated cost of one cable: hundreds of millions of euros.

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Problem: Despite the secrets of cartographic defenses, their vulnerabilities. “” Without submarine cables, there is no internet in Europe anymore “Jean Luc Viemin, Director of Orange’s International Network, said: gallery.. There is no doubt that the Russian Navy is very interested in these submarine cables for this person. In response to French information, he said that Orange was “ Identified the class of craft vessels belonging to the Russian Ministry of Defense and submarines with deep intervention capabilities “.

Asked by Free charenteLouis Pétiniaud, a geopolitical researcher in Geode’s cyberspace, believes it is easy to operate but not always relevant.

“” We will have to go very deep as there is still surveillance on the coast. The Internet is a decentralized network. In other words, even if you disconnect the communication a little, many things will continue to work. A very large American service also has servers in Europe.Beyond having to cut all cables at the same time, it’s very difficult to do “.

The Internet is a decentralized network. In other words, even if you disconnect the communication a little, many things will continue to work.

“” There are far more effective and cheaper ways to control the Internet than disconnecting cables. This remains as a last resort. “, Done, in the column pointWalid Mathlouthi, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Infrastructure Expert.

Undersea, “new place of conflict”

Another question: Can Russia interfere with itself with such a decision? Louis Petiniaud: Russia is a little less dependent on the Internet in the United States than we are. They have developed their own service, their own Facebook … Here we will talk about normal use. But obviously there is a flow of money and it will definitely produce some stronger results. “.

Do not consider This remains an attack on private infrastructure owned by external state-owned enterprises »Directly to NATO territory..

This raises the question of responding to this type of attack: is it really a war attack? Need to reply? “.

The exact mapping of these cables is up to date with a high degree of protection. And the threat seems to have been more orderly. ” Diplomacy », Analyze Geode researchers. “” There is political excitement around it. Russians have long been suspected of spying on cables, mapping or cutting cables. So far, it is widely suspected that the Russians manipulated the cables during the war in Syria, but there is no official proof that the Russians have already done this. “.

However, on the part of the Ministry of Armed Forces, the threat is very realistic, “ The seabed constitutes a new battleground, similar to cyber-esPace and information area “.

Therefore, the French Navy is responsible for monitoring these cables year-round in the territorial and high seas. Florence Parly, the Minister of the Army, also said, “Just before the outbreak of the war,” To provide our army with the means to reach 6000 meters (for) Effectively protect our interests “.