Ukrainian War: Molotov Cocktail, a new symbol of resistance

Ukrainians-Called by President Volodymyr Zelensky to take weapons in the face of Russia’s invasion, Ukrainians are organizing themselves. When voluntary civilians see themselves distributing rifles, others begin to build “homemade” machines.

“We will inform the public of the enemy’s movements, make Morotov cocktails and ask them to incapacitate the occupiers!”, Called the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on its Facebook page. On Friday, February 25, the Wikipedia page dedicated to Molotov cocktails was the second most consulted article in Ukraine, according to the administrator of the Wikimedia France Association.

On this Ukrainian page of the collective online encyclopedia, there are more than 10 different ways to create this type of device. Variations that take the name of the symbolic place used, such as the recipe for “Odessa” used in the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution.

This homemade incendiary weapon can be used especially as a tank countermeasure device.

“Tutorial” of the National Guard of Ukraine

The National Guard of Ukraine has broadcast an online “tutorial” addressed to civilians in preparation for battles in the city of Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine.

On her Twitter page, she shares advice with descriptive montages showing the best way to throw Molotov cocktails into the various types of vehicles used by the Russian army, as well as information about sensitive areas to target. I am.

“Tutorial”, also delivered with a very clear message by the official account of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army: “Vulnerability of enemy vehicles. Defeat the occupants! Let’s win together!”

“How to deal with a truck convoy (like the one currently going to Kyiv): aim for the first two and the last two. The rollers will stop and you will not be able to move forward,” you can read, for example, in the comments.

Some testimonies on social networks even report that Ukrainian television will broadcast recipes for making these homemade weapons.

Say “Bandera Smoothie” instead of “Molotov Cocktail”

In Lviv, breweries have begun mass-producing Molotov cocktails from beer bottles.

The Pravda Brewery explains that the approach derives from the skills acquired by some employees during the 2014 revolution. In this revolution, these explosive devices played an important role in the Euromaidan protests.

Called “smoothies” or “banderas smoothies” in honor of the controversial World War II Ukrainian nationalists, this weapon is shown in the video above by the mayor of Lviv.

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