Ukrainian War: Russia’s Nuclear Attack?Five Questions About Threats Targeting Europe

On Sunday, Vladimir Putin ordered the Defense Minister and Chief of Staff to be wary of Russian deterrence. A threat that causes anxiety about nuclear war with devastating consequences.

Can Vladimir Putin launch a nuclear attack on his own?

The three nuclear briefcases, named after the mountains of the Caucasus, must be activated simultaneously by Vladimir Putin, Chief of Staff Valerie Gerasimov, and Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. It was the latter that made nuclear power “warning”. Above all, a symbolic order, as these units are supposed to be on permanent alert. In France, only the President of the Republic can press the red button.

Which country has nuclear weapons?

190 countries, including Ukraine, have signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Today, only nine countries possess nuclear weapons, 90% of the world’s weapons are owned by Russia and the United States, with 6,255 and 5,550 nuclear warheads, respectively. France has 290 warheads and is fourth only to China (350) and ahead of the United Kingdom (225). Other countries are Pakistan (165), India (156), Israel (90) and North Korea (40/50). Vladimir Putin’s recent statement rejected the development of the nuclear industry, while causing a major reversal in Germany. He announced that the country is devoting more than 2% of its GDP to military modernization.

What kind of nuclear weapons do you have?

“Today, there are several types of nuclear weapons,” explains former diplomat and French ambassador Didier Destramau. The first is a strategic weapon that can destroy the entire capital or city like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The second is a more limited tactical weapon that can be used on the battlefield. Tactical nuclear weapons, called mini-nuclear weapons, can also be used to destroy very deeply buried infrastructure. “With strategic nuclear weapons, there is no tactical nuclear bomb in France,” said Didier Destramau. Meanwhile, it has developed a “pre-strategic” weapon with the ultimate warning role.

What is the current power of a nuclear bomb?

Since World War II, the power of nuclear bombs has increased tenfold. The nuclear bomb that leveled two cities in Japan in 1945 is smaller than modern nuclear weapons. In the early 1960s, Russia dropped “Tsar Bomba” in Siberia. This is the most powerful thermonuclear bomb ever made by humankind (50 megatons compared to 21 kilotons in Nagasaki). An image of the recently declassified “Tsar Bomba” shows a nuclear mushroom cloud over 200,000 feet. The shock waves and atmospheric turbulence that followed the “Tsar Bomba” explosion orbited the Earth three times. The intercontinental ballistic missile “Satan 2”, which has been in operation since 2020, can destroy a country like France and arouse the fear of Westerners.

Is a nuclear attack imminent?

This is not the first time that Cuba in 1962, the conflict between India and Pakistan in the early 2000s, and the nuclear threat have been swayed. I can’t say for sure, but it remains very unlikely that a full-scale nuclear war will break out. “If Putin uses nuclear power in Ukraine, he will start a process of penalties for himself. Reactions from other countries will not last long and Russia will not recover. Are on both sides, “explains Didier Destramau. Before adding: “Nuclear is a weapon of deterrence, not a weapon of action. Shake but not use. Vladimir Putin expected a blitzkrieg, but encountered Ukrainian resistance and a unified international community. He realizes he’s been cornered and plays the last card to avoid a mistake that could do a lot of damage to him. Still, even if an attack occurs, he says radar and aviation. You can rely on the defense system. “But there is no dome that cannot be penetrated. Again, only our ability to respond remains a real deterrent,” concludes the former diplomat. ..