Ultra-lightweight yoga mats, inflatable paddles, stackable bags … these will revolutionize your sports vacation

shopping- I will play sports this summer. These innovative objects help keep you motivated during your summer stay.

Ultra lightweight yoga mat

Founded by Hélène Duval in 2014, YUJ no longer symbolizes the connection between mind and body. Its eight Parisian studios offer daily yoga classes in candlelight under infrared light, uniting a large community of followers. It is difficult for them to rob their practice during vacation. Thanks to this ultra-lightweight mat (1.8 kg), a solution was found. This mat folds back and slides into your bag or suitcase. Designed with recyclable ecological rubber, latex-free, silicone-free and phthalate-free, it can be machine-cooled and dried very quickly. I fell in love with the “California” model and her summery prints.

YUJ.. A yoga mat for 75 euros, or a promotional pack with mats and accessories (brick, bag, etc.) costs 85 euros instead of 100 euros. Complete with a sale outfit like the sacred Shorty sana playsuit.

Inflatable paddle

To use this new generation paddle, simply inflate the paddle with the included pump before it goes out into the water. X Paddle Board / Photo Press

Although unknown to the general public a few years ago, stand-up paddles (or sap) have become one of the most popular water sports for vacationers. In a river, lake, or ocean, this large board that stands or kneels and moves around with paddles is accessible to everyone … only if it can be transported. Constraints annihilated by Loic Viandier, an entrepreneur who practiced windsurfing at a high level. His idea: An inflatable stand-up paddle that comes with all the equipment you need (leash, a backpack to store it, a retractable aluminum paddle, etc.) and can be converted into a kayak thanks to a removable seat. Simply unfold the paddle and inflate it with the included pump (about 10 minutes) and it’s easy to get out into the water.

X paddle board.. Boards start at € 299 with a 2-year warranty. Three models are available: X-Shark for beginners, Pink-X for children, and X-treme that can support a weight of 150 kg.

Multifunctional shorts

Made from chino cut and technical materials, these swim shorts are all terrain. Billabong / Photo Press

Spend the day on the beach and go to the restaurant unchanged: Mission Impossible? This is not always the case if the equipment is in place. Thanks to the water repellent coating that allows for quick drying, the Crossfire Submersible swim shorts are just the definition of an all-terrain product. Chinocut and recycled plastic technical materials can be adapted to all summer situations. Don’t get me wrong, flip flops stay in the closet.

Billabong.. Crossfire submersible, 60 euros.

Stackable bag

Thanks to a feature called the hookup system, it is now possible to hook multiple bags to each other. Db Journey / Photo Press

Tired of stacking your luggage or misplaced your belongings? DB Journey brand, dedicated to board sports enthusiastsOutdoor And travel, will save your summer. Thanks to a feature called the “hookup system”, you can hook all the bags in your collection together. So you can carry them all with one hand and keep the other available for coffee … or kids! Behind this clever project are two Norwegians, former professional skiers and YouTubers Truls Braatas and Jon Olsson, respectively. They wanted to combine the minimalism of Scandinavian countries with the freedom of luggage, whether snowboarders or surfers. Or a photographer.

DB Journey.. Luggage starts from 99 euros. You can buy it online or during the summer at Hossegor’s Wasted Talent shop.

Bicycle lamp with camera

The fixed or flashing red LED of this lamp can carry up to 1.6km. TOOO Cycling / Photo Press

It’s good to ride a bicycle, but it’s better to be safe. Tooo Cycling is now a spearhead with DVR80. This is a light that attaches to the back of the bike and can be seen by the driver from a distance. Thanks to the fixed or flashing red LED, the light can carry up to 1.6km. But that’s not all. The lamp also offers the possibility of shooting in full HD at a wide angle of 105 ° and can be controlled with the touch of a button. All the simplicity to make your new summer ally.

TOOO Cycling.. DVR80 camera for 179 €.