Under the impetus of Mbappe, Paris finds several colors

Paris grows more and more

The situation in Paris is getting better and Mbappe accelerates on the left side, fixing the dizziness in the box before forging the path to Neymar. With his left foot, the striker shoots this time, but Dizashi is still there to counter.

Mbappe and Neymar cards

In two consecutive actions, two Parisian attackers received a yellow card in protest. Mbappe had argued against the mistake, Neymar challenged himself.

I thought Mbappe would come to a conclusion! (1-0)

France’s International benefited from a lucrative counter and then made the big mistake of Badia Sile presenting himself in front of New Bell. Mbappe eliminated the goalkeeper with a hook, but the reopening was too late and the defender shot and was unable to cross the line.

Monaco’s penalty?

Monegasques and Louis-II claim a penalty for Hakimi’s hand faults in his area. The referee does not whistle.

Neymar stamp

The tension between Neymar and Aguilar has been felt since the middle of the first period. Brazilians remember good memories of their rib buffer partners.

Mbappe wants to shake things a little

Paris wakes up a bit with the first big acceleration from Mbappe. Mbappe blows up the dizashi before centering back. Nuno Mendes is a bit short to be able to resume comfortably.

I’m back in Louis-II! (1-0)

There are no noticeable changes. Leave it the same.

It’s a break at Louis-II! (1-0)

PSG didn’t really exist during this first period when Monaco soared from all directions and returned to the locker room with a natural advantage. With a small gem, Ben Yeder rewarded Monegasque (26th) and punished several unrecognizable Jambon-beurists’ mistakes. Paris lifted his head a little above the surface at the end of the period, but it was too little.

Hakimi’s strike! (1-0)

Parisians grow boldly and eventually realize that the solution is dangerous. Hakimi, who was thoroughly launched by Mbappe, hits a cross and saves New Bell firmly on the ground!

I wanted a skylight of New Bell

Verratti looks at the opening and looks for the opposite corner of the immovable New Bell. But his coil feels good and misses the right post.

Fofanaaaaa !! (1-0)

It was played very well by the Monaco people. Monaco people also take advantage of the space provided by Parisians to go forward and strike. The attempt to graze from the left was removed from a post near him by Donnaruma and relaxed to full length!

Chao Enrique crosses too much

However, Monaco is still under threat. While PSG was cut to two points, Chao Enrique moved forward with the ball, hitting a cross from the left, but missed the point.

I can see Paris a little again

Paris has been a little out of the water for a few minutes and is trying some actions in front of it. The final transmission is still inaccurate.

The counter in Paris may have been damaged

Monaco waves, over and over again. In yet another corner, Caio Henrique will play hard for the near post where Parisians were involved in the disaster. The next counter can be hurt, but Neymar’s pass is a bit too deep for Hakimi on the right.

Donnaruma on the Conflict

Locked-in Aguilar skillfully wins the right corner by bouncing the ball at the Widinal Dam. Caio Henrique goes directly to the area of ​​Donnaruma, where you can feast in the air.

Neymar’s FK! (1-0)

With a free kick that follows, Neymar takes a chance directly and laps far beyond the wall. His attempt is assembled for the first post where New Bell relaxes!

Martins cardboard

The first card dealt by the referee is for Gelson Martins of Monaco, who was found guilty of negligence in front of his surface.

Already in paris

Will this goal awaken Paris? Performance in Paris is so simply devastating that it is urgent anyway. There are already many nasty gestures on the side of the Jambon-beur that lacks a solution before.


Ben Yeder’s 16th goal of the season, what a goal! He will be the only top scorer in the championship ahead of Mbappe (15).

What are your goals from BENYED DEEEER !!! 1-0 for Monaco

The wonder of the French striker! On the cross to Fofana’s first post, Ben Yeder cuts the orbit with a sublime outside touch that will stay in Donnaruma’s skylight !!!

First Parisian shot

A small event in Paris, the first attempt. It was Neymar who took the chance. A strike easily caught by Nubel.

I miss everything in Paris

The people of Paris are doing very well and there are a lot of very borderline reminders or very disturbing misunderstandings. We spend most of our time in front of the surface of Paris.

Firecrackers of Jean Lucas

A bouncy ball from Aguilar to the right depth. Martins serves Jean Lucas, who is armed with a firecracker slightly centered from the right. Donnaruma can push it back as much as possible.

Monaco still needs to be materialized

Forcibly, ASM may regret it. There is no doubt that Parisians offer many cartridges without modification so far.

Monaco waves continue

Aguilar plays against Nuno Mendes on the right and finds himself in a good central position. His powerful ball isn’t picked up by his teammates, but Monaco’s desires are there.


Before going to Monaco, Paris had already lost three times in L1 (Renne, Nantes, Nice) and had four draws and seven successes this season.

Paris is not at all

PSG cannot be recognized. Even the first attack, the clubs in the capital played very badly.

What a situation for Monaco !!! (0-0)

Loss of a new guilty ball in Paris from Paredes on a soft pass from Markinhos. Jean-Lucas took this opportunity to bring the ball into the area, eliminate Kimpembe, and struck a few centimeters away, confused by the return of Paredes!

Attack defense

We are already in the third corner of Monaco. It was taken from the head by Ben Yeder at a nearby post. Donnarum captures without much worry, but Pochettino in front of the bench is very dissatisfied with the player’s start.

Double chance for Monaco! (0-0)

There is a fire in the Paris area. With the first cross from Jean Lucas, Martins is very close to being able to resume at a distant post. Before continuing, Fofana uses the repulsed ball to arm the tense strike captured by Donnaruma!

I know monaco

Monegasque entered the match well and put pressure on the rearguards of Paris. At the corner, Golovin crosses towards a distant post, where it is Marquihos who wins this time.

Kimpembe dodges danger

ASM free kick on the right side of the Paris area. Caio Henrique crosses violently towards the first post where Kimpembe intervenes in the header.

Tactical glance

If Messi has not participated in the attack, it is certainly the Widinal Dam that occupies the right wing. Mbappe is leading 4-3-3 with Neymar on the left.

Let’s go to Louis-II! (0-0)

It is Monegasque to kick off this poster on the 29th day!

Kick-off is imminent!

The player enters the lawn of Louis II, accompanied by the referee of the conference, Benoit Bastian.

Unpleasant Paris outside

In Louis-II, Parisians can play with less pressure without being effective away from the base. He has won only one of the last six games outside the championship capital. And in every tournament, we will continue to lose three on the move.

Madrid is still in mind

PSG is still in turmoil since the struggle in the Champions League. His response to Bordeaux (3-0) last weekend was good, but his supporters were cold, especially for Neymar and Lionel Messi.

Monaco continues to lead Europe

Monegasque also aims to set aside the failure in the European scene, which was eliminated in Round 8 of the Europa League. Disappointed with 9th place in League One after a series of bad results (only one win in the last five games), ASM will want to get closer to a European location. The podium is 9 points ahead.

Paris wants to take off a little more

PSG, the leader of the championship, 15 points ahead of Marseille and Nice, goes to the Principality to get a little closer to the tenth title of the French champion. And a terrible defeat in the 8th Champions League against Real Madrid to put a little more behind him.

And this is the composition of PSG, where Wijnaldum is attacking and Icardi is being replaced.

PSG configuration: Donnarumma-Hakimi, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Nuno Mendes-Danilo, Paredes, Verratti-Wijnaldum, Mbappe, Neymar.

Alternatives: Reterrier, Dialo, Koehler, Bishab, Draxler, Guai, Dina Ebinbe, Simmons, Icardi.

Monaco’s lineup fell and Volland stood on the bench

Monaco lineup: Nubel-Aguilar, Disasi, Badia Seal, Caio Henrique-Fofana, Chuameni-Martins, Gianlucas, Golovin-Benjeder.

Alternatives: Mannone, Maripan, Sidibe, Mazzima, Jacobs, Matazo, Boadu, Volland, Diop.

Monaco supporters inform of their discomfort

Can you read “Welcome to the 45th Monte Carlo Circus Festival” on the banner of Louis II?


Monaco supporter banner at Louis II before the match against PSG
Monaco supporter banner at Louis II before the match against PSG © RMC Sport

Monaco group

Wanderson, positive for Covid-19, is missing out on PSG acceptance. Cesc Fabregas and Crepandiata continue in the rehabilitation phase.

Parisian group without Messi or Navas

Chic, Lionel Messi and Keylor Navas will not be in the PSG group moving to Monaco this Sunday. Both players are affected by the flu-like illness. Ramos, Di Maria, Herrera and Bernat are also absent.

Good morning everyone !

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