Unstable journalist, lack of perspective: France info sports editorial staff crisis

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On Friday, February 18, 2022, many journalists in the Franceinfo Sports Division testified to the unstable working conditions of the editorial staff. Paris news I was able to talk to some of them. (© JULIENDEROSA / EPA / Newscom / MaxPPP)

The schedule is Friday, February 18, 2022, Sharp at noon.On social media, many Sports Department Web Journalist France information I posted the same message.

“We are sports journalists France information, Beware of the instability of the editorial staff. 90% of the content is provided by freelancers, internships / job trainees, and its temporary presence hinders the continuity of editing, “they declared.

Call for further recognition from journalists who confided in Paris news About the situation of their precarious work. Returning to the editorial staff as an intern, apprentice, and freelancer, for almost or years, everything describes a “too long professional situation.” »»

Non-tenure journalist to solidify editorial staff

Approximately 60 journalists make up the sports editorial staff France information.. If it looks unified from the outside, it is actually divided into two sectors. TV set And that Website.. Written and historic television counterparts have many permanent positions along with older writers. Web components, on the other hand, are made up of much younger and more volatile journalists.

” last full-time employee Freelancer [au service web, ndlr] Dating back to Year 2005“I remember Pierre *, a freelancer for sports editorial staff for several years. Currently, there are about 8 tenures, 3-4 trainees a year, and about 3 trainees. The rest of the editorial staff It is made up of about 20 freelancers, and is therefore an unstable position that makes up the backbone of the editorial staff.

“You should know about it 90% unstable journalist Participate in the site’s verticals and occupy 78% of the schedule. “Imbalances that lead to subtle situations, such as the Euro 2020 final.

On the night of the Euro 2020 final, I had only a freelancer and an intern. That’s not normal.

Thai*Freelancer in the editorial department

“To be able to work under normal conditions, 18 full-time jobs“, Peter explains. Normal conditions. This is the keyword for journalists’ demands.” We want employment to work properly. I want to do more, but I’m tired.

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Dotted news tracking

Their freelance status prevents many of them from expanding the topic. In the case of Karim *, “This causes the continuity of the edit line to be lost and you cannot make paper in the long run.”

“Sometimes we have to Work outside freelance Prepare the topic. To ensure continuity, we receive calls and messages from our bosses at our personal time, “Laments Thaïs. According to Pierre, the lack of a freelancer and work study trainee “causes a bewildering flight of journalists.” These same journalists then left the editorial staff and in other media. Signed a permanent contract. »»

At the management level, the relationship between journalists and their editors is “quite good.” They recognize the difficulties we encounter and support us, “says Pierre. The atmosphere of the editorial staff is said to be “good and comfortable” by many people. It is rather the upper layers that the communication seems blurry.

“We have never been on the top of a mountain,” said representative Antoine Chuzeville. SNJ With sports writing. We tinker with freelancers, but we don’t hire them. In November 2021, a CSE meeting was held to discuss the issue of tenure. Nothing has happened since then. »»

We often congratulate the audience and our good scores, but no positions are created.


Instability beyond the editorial department

Most editorial journalists are young, but they say they are already armed with the reality of work. “When you start a business, we’re told we’ll have a hard time, we know that, but we’re at the limit here. It’s weighing more and more on me,” Pierre said. Admits. “Some people are considering it. To quit a job Those who have already taken the plunge. »»

We internalize the fact that there is no future outlook. It is unrealistic to adopt even a permanent contract.


A difficult situation inside and outside the editorial department. “Accessing ownership of an apartment without a permanent contract is complicated, but I’ve been working for several years,” Pierre adds. These are all conditions that motivated journalist protests from sports editorial staff.

“We claim ourselves and don’t want to apologize anymore,” says Karim. “We’re sick and hope it changes things.” I like this sentence, it’s close to my heart, but it’s no longer possible there, “the situation. Tired of Karim concludes.

Contact, Sports Editorial Department France information He said, “I don’t want to comment.” »»

* Renamed to maintain anonymity.

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