Unvaccinated Serbs believe that they are not a “threat to others”

Novak Djokovic: Not vaccinated, Serbs believe he is not vaccinated

Djokovic. In an interview with the team, Novak Djokovic revealed his position on vaccination against Covid-19, explaining his connection to the body.

[Mis à jour le 24 février à 10h30] After speaking to the BBC on February 15 and revealing his position on vaccination against Covid-19, Novak Djokovic confided to his team colleagues this Thursday. Not being vaccinated at this time, Serbs were unable to defend their title at Roland Garros, even though they remained open to the evolution of their position. “For now, I don’t feel I need it (vaccine) to protect my body, and I don’t feel like threatening others. That’s my position and the rest. As for, my heart is completely open. Anything is possible. “

In the rest of the daily sports interview, Novak Djokovic revealed his connection to the body: “Yes, I am open-minded, but I also need to maintain my integrity and autonomy, because everyone on this planet knows my body better than I do. I am my I want to be the only owner of the body. ” By May 22 and the start of Roland Garros, the positions of both Novak Djokovic and the Ministry of Sports regarding immunization obligations for foreign athletes may change.

More than two months after the last official Davis Cup match, the world’s number one will return to Dubai on Monday, February 21st, defeating Italy’s Lorenzomsetti and Karen Khachanov on Wednesday, February 23rd. I did. “Noor” will face Czech Izzy Bessey in the quarterfinals this Thursday.

The situation of his preventive contact was never officially revealed to the public, but the incident that shook Serbs in Australia highlighted his non-vaccination against Covid-19. The world’s tennis stars are certainly not vaccinated against the coronavirus, and a positive test on December 16 allowed him to travel to Australia because he could be exempt from vaccination. ..

It all began on January 5, when Serbs arrived on Australian land with a medical exemption that prevented them from being vaccinated. But at the airport, the best in the world is arrested by border guards who refuse to enter the territory, believing that he does not adequately justify his medical tax exemption. After that, his visa was cancelled. The next day, the Serbs were detained and it was finally January 10 that Judge Kelly lifted the cancellation of the Serbian visa, given that he could not provide further information to the border guards. He also orders his immediate release.Except that the Australian Government has informed through Immigration Minister Alex Hawke that it will evaluate the possibility of using it. “Personal power of cancellation”.. This decision will eventually be made on Friday, January 14th.

Selve was already controversial by hosting an adria tour of tennis and charity events in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Positive test for Covid-19. Pollution that quickly caused a flood of criticism from tennis actors. Lack of physical distance, hugs, farandole with children, wild dance at nightclubs in Belgrade … the first stage of this adria tour in Belgrade and Zadar in the midst of a global epidemic. The image of this video was taken at a nightclub in Belgrade, which was particularly shocking:

Novak Djokovic met Eleanoristic during his school career in Belgrade in the early 2000s. Not everything was easy for his young lovers, as Novak played tournaments around the world and Elena finished her studies in Italy. The couple finally lived in Monaco and decided to get married in 2014. Elena gave birth to her son Stephane in 2014 and a girl named Tara in 2016. At the same time, Elena Djokovic is the director of Novak Djokovic. Foundation, promotion of education in their home country.