Urban sports “parkour”, renewal of sports practice

Sports Business Observatory -The announcement of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris confirms the development of urban sports.

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From May 25th to 29th, the International Extreme Sports Festival, an international event that brings together amateur athletes and urban sports professionals, was held in Montpellier. The program featured five days of intense sports among BMX, skateboarding, hoodies, rollers and other epic disciplines in front of more than 600,000 spectators. This is an opportunity to explore the structure of these new urban sports. Some have recently participated in the Olympic program, while others are trying to find their place in the international sports community and build their practices. Genuine “ Parkour Fighter …

Since 1997, Ellow has been a meeting place for all fans of these sports and has long been regarded as a limit. But that was before … hardware sales first, then the audiovisual content market emerged, all aimed at an ever-growing audience. In 2016, the Montpellier version exceeded 500,000 spectators for the first time.

At the same time, some sports Traditional I’m looking for a second wind. To do so “ Rejuvenation »Among the general public, we are witnessing updates to sports offerings everywhere, whether practical or show. BMX, 3×3 basketball, five-player soccer, rock climbing, skateboarding, hoodies, breakdancing … so many that are preferred by young people around the world who share the commonality of being fully expanded and facing the same challenges. Sports: Industry.

OJ »»

The practice of sports, which has long been confined to closed spaces, is now becoming part of the urban environment and the city is becoming a true sports ground. In addition, certain areas will soon enter the great family of Olympism. Like the breakdance of Paris 2024. Skateboarding and climbing, which already exists in Tokyo as an “additional sport”, has been redesigned for the Paris Games. These choices represent the wishes of the IOC (International Olympic Committee). Update »Programming by integrating sports that are more appealing to younger viewers. This leads to the modernization of the historical field and the entry of so-called urban practices that are essentially related to the new generation. They have the advantage of being widely followed, and their champions benefit from an increasingly important media coverage and a large community of fans. The Olympic program is constrained by time and therefore the number of competitions held, and the well-being of some is the misery of others. This is the case for karate, which is practiced around the world but has not been able to maintain its position as an “additional” sport. Therefore, Steven Da Costa’s gold medal was not enough to change the mindset of COJOP. The legitimacy of this decision by Tony Estange, chairman of the Paris 2024 Commission, is clear. Popular in urban sports such as skateboarding and breakdancing, and social networks, go to sports that young people often see “.

These choices primarily address economic considerations. To raise their own money, the Olympics need to remain attractive to advertisers and broadcasters. Therefore, there needs to be areas that arouse interest in the quantity and quality of targets targeted by sponsors and TV channels, which account for 70% of the IOC’s revenue. These new areas have spectacular aspects that correspond to the inspiration of the moment. This is a bet by the leader of Red Bull, a major sponsor of extreme sports. Thanks to their magnificent dimensions, there are playing cards in areas such as parkour, skateboarding, BMX and breakdancing, benefiting from visibility more than ever by offering unique and world-famous events. You should receive it.

And why not a hoodie?

Sometimes all that is needed to change fate is a series of situations. Sadly, one of the images left at the Tokyo Games is probably the case of horse abuse in the modern pentathlon. Faced with criticism from the Animal Conservation Society, the League of Nations has chosen to replace horseback riding with an obstacle course on foot. Parkour couldn’t dream of a better opportunity. Keep in mind that parkour consists, above all, overcoming obstacles with athletic performance alone. This practice was published in the 2000s thanks to the cinema. Yamakasi, Banryu 13, and even James Bond at Casino Royale. Since 2016, we’ve certainly seen it on TV shows like Ninja Warrior (3.41 million viewers in 2022), with many Parkour athletes participating and regularly competing in the finals.

For Cedric Martin, a board member of the PK 13 Association and a referent for parkour development within the French Gymnastics Federation, “ What’s happening on television, the media and other networks has made it possible to increase the number of practitioners who are interested in it over the last decade.“The domino effect creates clubs here and there, meeting real demand and creating a need for supervision. As evidence, the PK13 Association specializes in diplomas recognized by Youth and Sport (BPJEPS). We have created a training course for educators.

When it comes to skateboarding, it is still difficult to establish the exact number of practitioners, as parkour is still under license and often unstructured outside of traditional schemes. However, Cedric estimates that France has about 10,000 followers.

Can I live from Parkour in 2022?

From practice to professionalism, there are still many steps and obstacles to overcome for anyone who wants to make their passion a job. First of all, there is not yet enough competition for athletes to live on 100% of their income. As competition is not the only source of income, athletes are sports educators within clubs that promote the field by providing entertainment services to organizations of all types, public, private and association. You can get rewards for your practice. Because the dimension of the event is a true lever for these athletes. “”Today PK13, it has 11 full-time employees, of whom 11 are educators, performers, as well as project developers. I remember Cedric Martin.

Tag: A cat and mouse game you’ve never seen before

With any of the dynamics initiated by Parker, it’s very competitive and very “ Good TV “: Chase Tag. This is a new field derived from Parkour, a real show that combines agility, speed and dexterity. The concept is simple, playing cat and mouse games in an obstacle-filled space. Invite us to dive back into our childhood to do. Unlike parkour, chase tags focus on the epic aspects of discipline to attract the media and sponsors of the event. A private organization aimed at development. Beyond urban phenomena, Chase Tag is marketable and scriptable, just as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was able to mix and match historic martial arts. Established in 2011, WorldChaseTag already has a large number of viewers and followers around the world. The Youtube channel “WorldChaseTag” already has more than 700,000 fans and 553,000 on Instagram. With fans of, the video has been viewed millions of times. Christian Devaux, founder of ChaseTag, said:Excellent athletes competing with each other are the most exciting sport to watch. […] Easy to understand and not restricted by culture. Co-founder Damien Devaux explains:“.

Parkour or Chase Tag, make a bet!

Beyond the truck Modern pentathlon “Parker has triggered a move towards Olympic approval. If you haven’t participated in the program yet in 2024, you could make your debut at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. California’s big cities and IOCs have said this. The program as a “test” field, especially since the already installed city decorations are very suitable for jumping, overcoming obstacles and racing in the city. Since the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) integrated two forms of parkour called “Speedrun” and “Fresstyle” in 2017, the issue of integrating parkour into the Olympics has also been justified.

However, integrating this new discipline into the Olympics has sparked controversy, including among practitioners who consider their sport a hymn to freedom far from standards and norms. Indeed, games are a real challenge in development and promotion through FIG, thus losing autonomy and even identity. For Schoen Griffin, he has been a parkour enthusiast for over 15 years and an official international tester for numerous Ninja Warrior shows.It’s good for sports, and whatever happens in parkour, it doesn’t change what parkour is for an individual athlete, so anyone can do whatever they want.»»