Urgent meeting at UEFA, three EuroLeague matches postponed … Impact of conflict in the sports world

This is one of the indirect consequences of Russian troops invading Ukrainian soil on Thursday, February 24th. Many International Sports Federations are required to take measures and sanctions against Russia. Not all of them have responded, but athletes, clubs and local federations are calling for answers.

UEFA calls emergency meeting

The location of the Champions League final, the partnership with Gazprom, the World Cup playoff match in Russia, and the urgently convened Executive Committee proceedings will be loaded on Friday, February 25th. Alexander Cheferin, President of the UEFA. The Champions League final scheduled for May 28 in St. Petersburg Times And D’Associated Press.

For the World Cup playoffs, the Polish Federation, which must play in Russia on March 24, requested the relocation of the match. This also applies to the Czech Republic and Sweden, the potential enemies of the Russians in the second round.These federations “Express their firm position so that the playoffs do not take place on Russian territory.” Can I read the joint press release?

Gazprom files are the most annoying. Russia’s gas giants, UEFA’s main financial sponsors, are ubiquitous in the executive committee attended by Gazprom Neft CEO Alexander Dukov. A partnership that gets dirty because of the strong relationship between Vladimir Puttin and the gas supplier.

Schalke remove gazprom from shirt

At the heart of the turmoil, Gazprom already experienced its first blow on Thursday, February 24th. After 16 years of presence, the name of the Russian company will no longer appear in the white and blue jerseys of the Schalke club. Gelsenkirchen.. A decision made following the Russian invasion, despite a historic German club now in Part 2 confirming a partnership with a gas supplier earlier this week.

As another result for the Ruhr regional banks, Matthias Warnig, German CEO of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline operator, has resigned from Schalke 04’s board of auditors. The businessman is subject to sanctions imposed by the United States on Wednesday.

3 games postponed in EuroLeague

Barcelona, ​​the leader of the regular season, said in a statement that he would not go to St. Petersburg, where he will face Zenit on Friday. As a result, the EuroLeague has decided to postpone this conference and two other matches involving the Russian team, Bavarian Munich-CSKA Moscow and Baskonia-Unix Kazan, scheduled for Thursday.

Barcelona will also play in Moscow on Sunday, so EuroLeague organizations will need to seize the files. In addition, three Russian clubs are in the top eight, so we’re on track to qualify for the playoffs. New decisions are expected in the coming hours.

Formula 1 wonders about the Sochi Grand Prix

At a press conference, on the second day of the pre-season test, Sebastian Vettel said he would not go to Russia for the race if the Sochi Grand Prix scheduled for September 25 was maintained. Max Verstappen followed, believing that race should not exist in war-torn countries. F1 management has announced that it will meet with the team manager on Thursday night to discuss the situation.

The Ural Calihas F1 Team has also been elected. The American team used a Russian company close to power as its primary sponsor. The impact is enormous in Russian-colored single-seaters, and as a result, the choice of sport, especially the pilot Nikita Mazepin, becomes important. On Thursday, February 24th, the team decided to withdraw the Russian color from the single-seater on Friday, the third day of the test.