Valery Gergiev, the leader of Putin’s supporters, was dismissed by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra “Separate” Conductor Valery Gergiev, who is said to be near Vladimir Putin, announced on Tuesday the mayor of a German city criticizing Maestro for not condemning the invasion of Ukraine.

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“Munich is saying goodbye to Principal Conductor Valery Gergiev, so there is no more concert of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra under his direction.”Mayor of the Bavarian city Dieter Reiter, explained in a press release.

Last Friday, Dieter Reiter stayed at Valery Gergiev until Monday “Keep a clear and clear distance” However, the world’s most popular and prestigious 68-year-old conductor of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine maintains his silence. “I would have expected him to reconsider and revise his very positive evaluation of Russian leaders. He did not.”I regret the Mayor of Munich.

“But in the current situation, it would have been essential to give clear cues to the orchestra, its audience, public opinion, and city politics so that they could continue to cooperate.”He says. “This wasn’t the case, so we’ll just separate it immediately.”Closing the Dieter Lighter.

In addition to his main activities as conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Valery Gergiev is also the general director of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.

In an interview with AFP in 2018, Valery Gergiev welcomed Putin’s fourth re-election. “5-6 times a year”.

His intimacy with Vladimir Putin, which he has known since 1992, and especially his loyalty to the Russian President during the merger of Crimean, and his participation in the concert in Palmyra alongside the bombed South Oceania and Syrian troops. There has been a lot of controversy over the last decade.

His US tour in 2015 was interrupted by Putin’s opposition demonstrations for defending Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

“Twenty years ago, Russia was in a solid state. I’m not saying Putin alone made it internationally famous, but I think it could have been done.”He believed at that time.

So far, none of these positions have prevented him from performing a concert. But things changed when Putin refused to deny the military aggression unleashed in Ukraine.

As soon as Russia’s offensive in Ukraine began, several orchestras and festivals in Europe and the United States canceled their engagement with musicians.

On Monday, the Philharmonic de Paris and the famous Lucerne Festival in Switzerland announced that they had canceled some of the concert dates. “solidarity” When “Ukrainian people”.

In Switzerland, the Verbier Festival and the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, the world’s largest live performance event, have requested and accepted Valerie Gergiev’s resignation from the orchestra’s music director’s post.

On Friday, the famous New York venue Carnegie Hall dismissed the Russian conductor from a series of performances. It was his German art agent Marcus Felsner who decided to leave Gergiev’s representative on Sunday.

salute “One of the greatest conductors of all time”He explained on Facebook that he could no longer protect the interests of his clients. “Who will not or will not be able to publicly end their long-standing support for the administration that committed such crimes.”

The charismatic, three-day beard-bearded Russian maestro has also been the subject of intense criticism of his hyperactivity (up to 275 concerts a year), sometimes suggesting a lack of rigor. Was there.

After eight years as head of the London Symphony Orchestra, he was selected by the British daily The Guardian, especially at his concerts. “Daily and sometimes not ready”.. The same accusations were later directed at him in Munich.