Very generous disciplinary council for police

The images patrolled social networks and television channels, arousing public indignation. 1er In December 2018, Act 3 of the “Yellow Vest” mobilization was characterized by a fierce clash between police and demonstrators, especially in the Arc de Triomphe district of Paris. About 30 people, accompanied by journalists, were beaten that day in the midst of a clash, and some were beaten by police when they hijacked a Burger King chain restaurant that was closed in protest. ..

Tuesday 1er In March, nine CRS were summoned before the disciplinary action committee. The Disciplinary Action Committee is limited to proposing sanctions and the general manager of the National Police decides whether to apply the sanctions. During their appearance, members of the council were unable to reach an agreement on the nature and scope of the proposed sanctions and decided to adopt no-punishment notice.

The day before, Monday, February 28, one day for law enforcement officials in the fielder It was also held in December 2018. And on this occasion, the council was hardly generous. Supervisors and police commanders are now at risk of warnings, “first group” disciplinary action. This is the lowest and official management file specified on a valid scale within a public service. Meanwhile, the two captains heard that they were spared sanctions.

Use of excessive force

Nonetheless, to a greater or lesser extent, everything was part of the security system around Champs Elysees, overseeing officials filmed throughout the sequence, which was viewed millions of times on social networks. There are about 10 CRS for about 1 minute. CRS belongs to the 43rd company based in Chalon-sur-Saone (Saône-et-Eroire), defeating place mats and boots with several “yellow vests”. I’m trying to protect myself from the rain of real hits on the ground.

Eighteen months later, an investigation commissioned by the National Police Inspector General concluded that demonstrators not only emphasized but also used excessive force. “Because of the large amount of tear gas on the street, I was evacuated to the facility.” – And according to the first police version, it doesn’t do any damage – but still “Of all the beatings or kicks given, none was justified, necessary, or proportional.”..

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In this case, eight CRSs were also charged with “intentional violence by those with public authority.” The latest 46-year-old captain was the highest-ranking officer in the evening of facts within Burger King. Hearing, he explained a very challenging day for him and his subordinates and mobilized for almost 24 hours in a row. He also admitted in the image that he was a policeman who hit the demonstrator eight times on the ground and kicked him. He is one of two officers who should be exempt from sanctions.