“Victims of defective systems are supporters in the first place,” laments the general manager of Football Supporters Europe.

About the bystander case of the Champions League final held in Paris on Saturday, May 28 “The victims of defective systems were, in the first place, supporters.” On Sunday, we blame franceinfo Ronan Evain, general manager of Football Supporters Europe (FSE). He was in the Stade de France to follow the match, “The conclusions drawn by the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Sports are far from the observations we could make before the match.” I will also explain “Old problem” Of the organization around this enclosure.

>>> Champions League: The Stade de France case is “a blunder for the UEFA, not the police,” the Independent Police Commission said.

franceinfo: What was this situation like? What did you see about it?

Ronan Evain : The situation is very confusing and I think it is very complicated to draw conclusions today from the domino effects that led to the turmoil and delays we experienced. What is certain is that the conclusions drawn by the Ministers of Interior and Sports are far from the observations we could make before the match.

The government evokes overflows from British supporters, primarily with fake tickets. French police have accused the UEFA of mistaking the situation, especially in the Stade de France, and underestimating Steward’s system. And the British, they target the French authorities and the French police who would not have known how to do it. Whose fault is it?

To be precise, this game that blames one and the other doesn’t help anyone. What is certain is that the victims of the defective system were, in the first place, supporters of Real Madrid as well as Liverpool.

For some reason I don’t know, but we’re focusing on issues on the Liverpool side. However, quite a few Real supporters also missed the kickoff.

Ronan Evain, Soccer Supporters Europe

on franceinfo

Unfortunately, this counterfeit story is part of the culture of Liverpool’s supporters. This is a known issue, has been identified, and is generally well addressed by the final organizers. Sure, there were a lot of counterfeit banknotes that were also sold on the streets of Paris yesterday, but this is a really marginal issue. And usually the organizers of such events know how to deal with the issuance of counterfeit tickets. Check its authenticity, and if it’s a fake ticket, you’ll be banished and the story is over.

French officials are talking about thousands of supporters who do not have tickets on the issue of this counterfeit ticket, which nevertheless seems to be the cause of the problem. What kind of content is it?

I’m convinced that there aren’t thousands of counterfeit banknotes, as the Home Office points out. That’s a minor issue. Some counterfeit tickets, some false positives, but the problem is people who don’t have tickets, especially around the Stade de France, trying to cross the turn tiles or board the sportiest ones. It was a problem. Among them, I am trying to get over the gate of the Stade de France. And, most of the time, he was neither a Liverpool supporter nor a Real Madrid supporter, but it was the young Parisians who started trying their luck at the Stade de France.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine moving the final from St. Petersburg to Paris, preparations were shortened to just three months instead of a year and a half. Do you think it worked?

I really want to have a real analysis of what happened. There is no doubt that holding the Champions League final in three months is a huge logistical challenge. Here, France has the ability to organize it, given the repeated organizational difficulties around the Stade de France that we have already seen in Euro 2016 in a particular cup final in France. You need to ask yourself if you are there. These are old, known and very important issues.

There are old traffic and mobility problems around the Stade de France, which worsened yesterday.

Ronan Evain

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I have a very specific problem. It’s the number of stewards available, their training, their professional quality, the professional experience that arose from returning to the stadium, and the Covid-19 fad. Given the profile, experience, age, and behavior of some stewards, this is another question to ask. Did the organizer have a well-trained professional steward around the French stadium?