video.Horrible testimony of guard residents who went to war as volunteers in Ukraine

Mickaël Sciacca lives in Alès (Gard) but decides to join the international army to fight Russia with the Ukrainians. A short-lived adventure. Twenty-four hours after the arrival of the 40-year-old computer scientist, the base on which he was to be trained was bombed.

Base Yavoriv (Ukraine) I had just been bombarded by Russian troops early in the morning on Sunday, March 13. Michael SciaccaArriving there barely 24 hours ago, has miraculously escaped. This 40-year-old Yale resident, who runs away while setting fire to the barracks, has the reflexes to shoot his live with his smartphone, as he did when he started his journey.

“”here. The base has just been bombed. depart. I have a dead friend. Retreat. We forbidSays a computer scientist sobbing in his voice. Gasping. here ! For those who say it’s not true. “As a volunteer within the International Army formed by the convocation of the President, he was fully aware of what he would experience when he left for Ukraine three days ago. Volodymyr Zelen Zelensky ??

“”I want to help the people there, save as many women and children as possible, and help them evacuate across national borders. And if I’m attacked, I’m ready to fight back“” Does he have He was commissioned by Midi Libre before leaving Ares on March 9, 2022.

Computer scientists ran 300,000 kilometers on a watch, grabbed the handle of a car with two cans of gasoline in its trunk, and hit the road towards the Polish border. Accompanying Two other 22-year-old volunteers from Vaucluse and Puy-de-Dôme. The three met in a Facebook group and contacted the Ukrainian Embassy.

Former yellow vest, Michael Sciacca It seems that they maintain this habit of shooting live on social networks on a regular basis. From the Italian border to crossing the Ukrainian-colored bridge in Slovakia and waiting at the Polish border, these videos allow you to accurately record and trace this journey, as shown in the map below.

In Car reigns Atmosphere of departure from summer camp. Jokes, laughter erupted, questioning the level of awareness of the three volunteers about waiting for them in Ukraine. On Saturday, March 12, after placing the vehicle on the Polish side and passing through the border crossing, Kracobets (Ukraine),Michael Sciacca Participate in a Yavoriv camp about 20 kilometers away .. “”of First, we will have 12 days of training at Youri. Then they put us at the checkpoint. I have a smile. Exhausted“” ExplanationHe is one of his directs..

The next day, waking up is a nightmare. Early in the morning, the base was hit by a Russian missile. “”We ran out of room, he says in a new video. When I entered the forest, I saw a missile overhead. We lay down on the ground. I counted 5 to 6 missiles. When they finished the bombing, we ran away. “according to Ukrainian officials said the attack killed 35 people. 180 according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. “”There is a crater in the middle“,Michael Sciacca movie There are always comments about the damage caused by the bombing. and The image is displayed Burned out car. “”The bus was flatulent“. Me’Alesian I’m sure Russia is informed, the shot turned out to be good for him. ” Too accurate“.

The Ukrainian army leaves the choice of staying or leaving foreign volunteers. “”myselfI signedHe explains to relatives who are following him on the internet. The problem is that when I arrived in France, I signed a contract under the law and I hope they don’t bring me. I belong to them in a way.“Finally, Michael Sciacca I decided to go home. After crossing the border again, fly away the next day (Monday, March 14) From Warsaw (Poland) Arriving in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, from which he boarded a new plane to the airport at the end of the day. Paris-Orly.. Since then, he has returned to Guard’s home.

This decision and some kind of casualness have caused him a lot of taunts on social networks. The Russian embassy in France uses one of its publications for its promotion and confirms that this dispute covers only “military installations”.

But Michael Sciacca Guaranteed him to the two French teams who came to see him: He will return to Ukraine as soon as the international army calls him.