video. Mela Incident 10 Years Later: In Toulouse, his home was a rear base for RAID

During the siege of Mohammed Mela’s apartment in Toulouse in March 2012, police sought secure access to monitor terrorists. On a parallel street, Almer’s house functioned as a passageway. The sniper passed the terrace and was located opposite the apartment on Sergent Vigne.

Amel remembers the night of March 21, 2012 well. The first shot is around 3am. “I just slept after a birthday party with my friends. I thought I was from the house next door, but I had no idea what it was. One of my daughters had a panic attack. I called the police. I was told: Do you live in the Côte Pave district? Yes, there is an ongoing operation. Turn off the lights. Before returning to bed, I window my head A street policeman asked if my house had a back door. In this case, our terrace was the terrace of the pastor’s house, ruedu Sergent-Vigné, directly opposite Mela’s apartment. I was looking down.

“The girls slept with us in the farthest room.”

After that, the house where Armel and her husband live with their four daughters will be the rear base of RAID. This is where snipers arrive at the minister’s house and prevent terrorist apartments from being targeted by the slightly overhanging Sergent Vinhe street. Police evacuated the pastor’s family through the roof and terrace. Among them were four children aged 1 to 6 who evacuated with Almel.

“My two eldest sons, Capucine and Clements, a young teenager soon left the place and went to see their friends. We were the youngest of two, a 6-year-old umbrella and an 8-year-old. I spent time with Colombe, “says Almel. After that, the family lives in rhythm with the police coming and going. She provides them with coffee and gives them access to the toilet. “We didn’t think too much. They were there. It was finally very reassuring. We protected the girls as much as possible and they were with us in the farthest room. I slept. Outside, everything was dark and silent, and at the same time I heard everything as if I were in the garden. Dare to imagine what the people living in the building are feeling. Not even.

Colombe immerses himself in the story of Harry Potter while police pass through her window

On the second floor, Colombe is reading the story of Harry Potter. The archer passes through his window glued to his desk. “They always asked her where they were in the chapter. When a little guy asked them when they were going to stop the explosion, they were professional, very human, discreet and reassuring. But I was stressed by them. They were really surprised by Mela’s vitality. And there was an assault and tremendous, it froze my blood .. We all heard the sound of weapons, the rebels. There was a sound, but no images. Under the bullets of these police officers I was evacuating, I was with many dead I imagined there might be an injured person. At that time, we put the girl in front of the cartoon.

When the police left, Almel felt helpless in the face of the presence of journalists. He was more difficult than having the police at home. ” Her mother also says she jumped with a faint noise and slept badly for several weeks. “When I think about it, it’s the kids killed in their school that come back to me, and it still upsets me, I knew the little Miriam’s mother, unfortunately. Then there was an even more horrifying attack. And today, in Ukraine you can hear the sound of weapons. It’s all rebellious. ”