video.Tarbes-Sports factory launched

After 18 months of rehabilitation work in the former Jat Industrial Building, a huge covered sports facility opened its doors in the heart of Tarbes’ Arsenal district. The total cost of this project, led by the urban community Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées, was € 10.2 million.

This new 11,000 m² sports hall is the size of four gymnasiums and contains equipment for three different activities. The climbing area, which has already been open to the public since February, and two other areas reserved for clubs, athletics and team sports. Usine’s climbing wall was recently listed as a “game preparation center” by the Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympics, bringing the number of sites already selected in Occitania to 58.

“The Usine Multisports Complex has three purposes,” explained Gérard Trémège, President of Aggregation and Mayor of Tarbes. “Providing odorless exercises for activities that are typically done outdoors. Meet the ever-increasing demand from sports associations and clubs. Give the possibility to hold events (international competitions) that transcend regional boundaries. We will develop new facilities that go far beyond the mission of the community. We can accommodate the following areas: mountaineering, athletics, basketball, handball, volleyball, badminton. This building is related to the geographical location of Tarbes. The aim is to provide a single facility that meets climatic constraints, and it is not possible to practice a particular sport for several weeks. »»

Gérard Trémège recalled that project management was outsourced to the IDOM / Duffau & Associés and Alayrac consortiums. Twenty-one lots have been put together to carry out the construction. The operating amount was 10.2 million euros excluding tax. The region has donated 1.3 million euros, the sector has donated 800,000 euros and the state sports agency has donated 600,000 euros. The remaining 7.5 million euros.

Carole Delga, President of Occitanie Region, attended the inauguration on Friday, April 29th. This significant project, carried out by the Urban Community of Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées, has benefited from € 1.3 million in aid from the region, which is a major partner.

“” The region is all about investing in the construction of sports facilities with outstanding proximity using this new complex L’Usine, which is supported by the region on a scale of 1.3 million euros, like here in Tarbes. Encourages the practice of sports in the area of. The accessibility and quality of sports services is a public health issue, a vector of dynamism, and an important communal life for me. Allowing our athletes, especially young people, to discover sports and train with modern, high-quality equipment near their homes also gives talent an opportunity to reveal themselves. .. Occitania is a great sporting country and we are proud to contribute to the acceptance and training of amateur athletes as tomorrow’s champions. Labeled “ Country of games »Occitania will make the next Olympics and Paralympics a wonderful celebration for all inhabitants and will play a role in integrating the region as an integral area in the acceptance and preparation of athletes. “I took this opportunity to declare Carol Delga.

The region is committed to developing sports practices in all regions, helping to develop and build sports facilities available to everyone, from young people, members of local clubs and associations to high-level athletes. increase.

With Hautes-PyreneesIn particular, we helped rebuild the Ranumzan swimming pool (1.2 million euros), build a sports hall in Louie (100,000 euros), or build artificial turf in Lourdes (63,000 euros). In other words, the total amount of aid since 2016 is about 4 million euros...Region will also support Division sports club,especiallyPurchase of materials (In 2021, 89 clubs were supported for € 112,000).

The Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée region is a major international sporting event in France over the next few years, especially 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.. At the end of 2019, with sports clubs of all levels, with the ambition to put local sports policy under the Olympic flag by building dynamic sports as close as possible to the Occitania inhabitants. The Occitania region was especially launched. ‘Call for a statement of interest (AMI) “Reception and Practice Site”. Goal? It hosts a delegation of preparation courses for upcoming sporting events and supports all sites with the ability to be labeled the “Game Preparation Center” by Paris 2024.Therefore, these are more About 20 sites People who have accompanied almost so far 10 million euros.