Vincent Mirou takes the stage in Rome, focusing on his goal, Paris 2024

Skin skateboard.

Vincent Snowy Today, he is one of the best skaters in the world and continues to make progress. From the 4th Tokyo 2020 At the skateboarding premiere at the Olympics, he moved 1.21 points off the podium.

“Something had to be missing,” he explained in front of the Colosseum, before entering the skater’s first qualifying event, World Street Skateboard Rome. Paris 2024 Games..

“But I skated very well that day. [Ma quatrième place] Success is more than failure. »»

In southwestern France, near his hometown of Bayonne, a success that could never have existed began if he continued his path when he was young.

Like many kids, Milou practiced more traditional sports along with his first skateboarding trick.

“My parents wanted to play club sports and friends, especially team sports, soccer and basketball. I started skateboarding by the side, but I didn’t want to do anything anymore around 12 o’clock. . Skateboard only. »»

“At first, my parents really didn’t agree, but when I went to soccer, I cried because I wanted to skate.» »

Vincent Milou: “Skateboarding aesthetics are very important.”

It happened: he skated and never stopped.Until he won his first title 2018 French street champion And that FISE Montpellier Same year.

A year later he became the European champion and finished third. Los Angeles Street Skateboard LeagueSomeone won Yuto HorigomeTokyo 2020 Olympic Champion.

This competitive spirit, Vincent Milou appreciates it. “We’re all here to have a little fun, but we’re here to win the competition,” he says.

In Rome, he tries to win after winning a great second place. Tampa Pro 2022 Last May, the Americans won Jamie Foy..Street star Nyjah Huston Japan’s Olympic champion finished in 11th place, while in Florida finished in 5th place.

As a result, he became known around the world, but he never forgot the importance of skateboarding.

“Skateboarding aesthetics are very important, otherwise the taste of skateboarding will be lost and judges need to take that into account. »»

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Paris 2024: “I want to win the tournament”

In just two years he should represent France. Place de la Concorde During the street event of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, assignments will be automatically assigned to the host country and two additional assignments will be available to one National Olympic Committee (NOC).

When Aurélien Giraud6th in Tokyo, they are at the forefront of French streetmen and will try to do well in Rome to reach the highest rankings in 2024, which will determine the composition of the Olympic Games.

One thing that is certain for Miro is that he wants to do better than in Tokyo. And in his case, he doesn’t have many possible options.

“I want to win the tournament. It’s very easy. Or at least be in the top three. It’s a good way to respect the decisions made 13 years ago.

“I really want an Olympic medal at home. My parents will be very proud. »»

The first stage is Thursday, June 30th, World Street Skateboard RomeIts semi-finals and finals will be broadcast live


June 26-July 3

Skateboarding Olympic Qualifications | Pro Tour | Rome