Vladimir Putin Double Drift

“World” editorial. The war has returned to Europe head-on. Attacks launched by Russian troops in multiple locations on Ukrainian territory at dawn on February 24 constitute an unprecedented scale of military aggression on our continent since the end of World War II. It is planned, carefully planned, and this time envisioned without any pretense.

Latest live information: Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine, an explosion in Kiev and several major cities

It is no longer an unmarked soldier in the army, like the 2014 Crimea. The deployment of force is no longer hidden behind the two puppet republic fighters in Donbus. This war is envisioned in the words of Russian head of state Vladimir Putin. Its purpose is clear: defeat Ukraine. And his threat to interfering with it is also clear: “Anyone who tries to get in the way of us or threaten our country and our people will have an immediate response from Russia, with consequences never seen in your history. You need to know that “, He hammered in a short speech to mark the start of the operation-actually a declaration of war.

It must be written as clearly as he envisions in words: Vladimir Putin is certainly responsible for this major dispute. None of the awkwardness of the West, historical mistakes, or the years of debate advocated by the Russian government and its advocates can justify a fledgling attack.

Evolution of the clan

This desire to impose the strongest law, which shows contempt for international law, actually finds its origins in the double drift of Vladimir Putin since taking power in 2000. Around his person and his obsession. Over the years, Putin has imposed absolute control on civil society. The murder of investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya in 2006 has already left a mark on the system. Regime critic Alexei Navalny attempted an addiction in August 2020, but is now imprisoned, and harassment of his supporters was another sign of this permanent drift. In early 2022, comedians had to flee Russia for criticizing Evgeni Prigogine, one of the oligarchs near the head of state. A price of rigor that Moscow has never expected.

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Opponents, journalists, and now parliamentarians, advisers: Over the years, all players in political life, alleviated by rules and restrictions, have become increasingly cruel from the restricted circles obsessed with defending their wealth and privileges. It has been excluded. The second drift is directly due to the evolution of this clan. Since the “Orange Revolution” in 2004, Ukrainian democracy has become the absolute foil of the Kremlin. Its evolution has been experienced as an existential threat. It is this independence, perspective, spirit and action that Putin is now trying to end with power.

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Therefore, it is international law that violates here. What is being challenged today is certainly the European security order resulting from the end of the Cold War. What can the west do? Democracies are now paying for their weak response to previous violations of international law by Vladimir Putin.

At the order of Mr Putin, the invasion was not punished when Russian troops occupied part of Georgian territory in 2008. In 2014, when Russia annexed Crimean and intervened in Donbus to support pro-Russian separatists at Putin’s order, Europe and the United States against this serious breach of Ukrainian territorial sovereignty and integrity. The response is certainly unpleasant, but sanctions calculated not to cause significant damage to the Western economy.

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As you can see today, these sanctions have failed. They did not distract Vladimir Putin from his deep intention to redraw the map of Europe by regaining his sphere of influence. Western democracies must now pay attention to this failure and take far more powerful steps against Mr Putin’s administration. This is the lowest price we will pay if we really want to uphold the basic principles of international law.