Volleyball: MHSC VB defeats Chaumont to win the final of the French Championship

On Wednesday, April 27th, he led 2 sets 0 at the Shavan Delmas Sports Hall, with MHSC-VB winning and advancing to the final.

Match sheet

Montpellier, 3-Chomon, 2.
Chaban-Delmas Sports Palace (Castelnau-le-Lez).
Set details
: 20-25 at 28 feet; 20-25 at 29 feet; 25-22 at 31′; 25-23 at 31′; 18-16 in 28′).
Referee: Frédéric Siegl and Sébastien Jacob.
Game 1: Chaumont – Montpellier, 1-3 (22-25, 25-18, 22-25, 21-25).

  • Montpellier: 56 wins attack, 29 faults (including 16 on serve), 5 ace, 14 block Gonzales (5), then Gil (1), Demyanenko (12), Razo (12), then Basic (1), Foret (20), then Cardin, Palacios (13), Lugov (11), and Riner. Libero: A. Gonzales. coach: Olivier Lecat
  • Shaumon: 67 wins attack, 34 faults (including 20 in service), 4 ace, 10 blocks Melgarejo (18), Gutierrez (2), Guai (8), Kore (2), Roatta, Prak (8), Alonso (9), Aciobanitei (5), Jaime (29), Da Silva. Libero: Massimino. coach: Silvano Prandy.

The deadly weapon of the first leg, the block, soon returned with Nicola Lugoff (3-3). However, the series servicing Herrera led visitors and pushed Lecat to the first timeout (5-9).

Cévébistes worked so well that they negligently forced the locals to escape in this first set. Demyanenko tried to maintain his hope by placing the ball in the center before officially blocking Herrera (22-17), but the task was too difficult. Mergarejo finished the first set by punishing a bad reception (20-25).

Ellow was able to rebalance the debate for some time during the second set, but Rafael Colle and his family were disguised by Shawmont smugglers and captains on the second ball (10-14). When I did, I came to take control. Redeploying with their quality of service, the Sylvano Prandy man put a second set in his pocket after a tense point at service outside Palacios (20-25).

Great match at Castelnau’s Palais des Sports Jacques Chaban-Delmas. LED 2 set 0, @MHSCVolley Despite the injury of captain Javier Gonzalez, he flipped the table to win 3 sets to 2 in a tiebreaker ud83c udd9a @ CVB52HM !!

Montpellier is the final !!! ud83d udd36 ud83d udd37 pic.twitter.com/1arWGoules

-Sport’n’Chill Montpellier (@sportnchillrcm) April 27, 2022

Captain Javier Gonzalez Hit

Residents of Montpellier, forced to react to avoid possible support matches, worked hard to avoid being left behind again during the third set. It was Demyanenko again that stood out in the middle of both the attack and the block (6-7).

Dynamic eventually seemed to choose the side of Olivier Recat’s men, but Captain Javier Gonzalez, who twisted his left ankle after an authoritarian block, was struck by a fateful twist (11-11). ).

The electric shock put tension on the game, and as Yellow rebelled against the score and forced him to make mistakes, the masses grew bigger and bigger at each point (25-22).
Since then, with reassembled operations, success finally smiled at them in the fourth set.

Exequiel Palacios offered himself an ace while touching (7-4) before finding a small diagonal in 4 (12-9). After some points under tension and suspicious referee’s decision, Ellow was forced to completely negotiate money time and make a decision at the tiebreaker (25-23).

At the end of the suspense, in a dantesque atmosphere, MHSC VB entered the playoff finals after passing through all states (18-16).