War in Ukraine alive: bombardment near Lugansk kills at least 4 people and injures 6


  • When US President Joe Biden arrives in Brussels for a diplomatic marathon Wednesday night, the US will announce new sanctions on emerging Russian conglomerates and politicians.
  • EU member states will meet on Thursday to agree on a joint gas purchase modeled after the order of the Covid vaccine to reduce Russia’s dependence on hydrocarbons, but it remains split at the price cap.
  • Under pressure from Ukraine, French car maker Renault announced Wednesday night that it would shut down its Moscow plant.
  • More than 3.6 million people fled Ukraine and the invasion of Russian troops caused the fighting.


White phosphorus shells?

After the final bombing of Lugansk, authorities feared “much higher” victims and accused the Russians of using the phosphorus bomb. Other officials in the region have recently accused Russians of using such bombs, but the blame cannot be immediately confirmed.


Help Ukrainians with one hand and kill them with the other: Dmytro Kuleba’s warning

“If EU countries respond to Putin’s humiliating demand to pay for oil and gas in the ruble, it would help Ukraine with one hand and help Russians kill Ukrainians with the other. It will be a thing. I urge the countries concerned to make wise and responsible choices, “the Foreign Minister wrote on Twitter. Yesterday, the Russian president announced that Russia would no longer accept dollar or euro payments for gas supply to the EU.


Bombardment near Lugansk kills at least 4 people and injures 6

At least four people, including two children, were killed and six were injured in a Russian strike in the town of Rubizhne near Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, the region’s governor Sergius Guydai said.


“We have to do without Russian gas,” Yannick Jadot claims.

Environmentalist candidates cite four solutions that can be implemented without Russian gas. This includes having one European buyer and installing a PV panel.


“Do you want Total to silence me?» Chalk Yannick Jadot

“We have always been threatened by lobbying. Environmentalists will not retreat,” said the presidential candidate. He repeats his criticism of Total. “I will stick and sign,” he reaffirms. Yesterday, the Energy Group filed a complaint against Yannick Jadot, who accused Russia of maintaining an energy giant and accused him of “accomplices” with Vladimir Putin.


Putin made a “big mistake,” says Stoltemberg.

NATO Secretary-General blamed the “big mistake” by the Russian President before the extraordinary summit of the alliance was held.

“President Zelensky (of Ukraine) will address the leadership of the alliance and they will consider their support to help Ukraine exercise its right of self-defense,” Stortemberg said. NATO will also discuss the need to “reset eastern defenses,” he added.


No signs of “imminent chemical danger”

There are no “signs of imminent risk” for the use of chemical weapons, but according to Milcha Joana, “the rhetoric used by Russians is the same as that used in Syria, and we are concerned. increase”.


Is there a delivery of new weapons?

“We will support Ukraine with equipment such as anti-tanks, drones, etc. We are close to the Ukrainians, but we are careful not to escalate the conflict,” replies Milcha Joana. ..


According to NATO No. 2, Russians underestimated the “heroism” of the Ukrainian army.

“The quality and quantity of the Russian army is not enough to occupy a big city. They underestimate the heroes of the Ukrainian army, and with the support of NATO countries, the Ukrainian army is a western army. “I’m saying,” said Milcha Joana, NATO’s second-largest guest of French intelligence.


No risk of food shortages and guarantees Julian Donormandy

“Because we are independent in food production, there is no risk of shortage in France. But my main concern is, in particular,” heavily dependent on Russia and Ukraine, “currently suffering from drought” Maglev. It is an international shortage in certain partner countries, including the RMC’s Minister of Agriculture and Food.


Hassan, Boris, the Perebinis family, Pierre … these strangers who became the face of war


Russia restricts access to News.Google

According to a Roskomnadzor press release quoted by the authorities, this decision was made at the request of the Russian Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The online news service “provided access to many publications and materials, including false information (…) about the progress of special military operations on Ukrainian territory,” the statement said.


They “want to show the world that Ukrainian athletes are fighting”

A Ukrainian couple of Patnieus Sofiyahorichenko and Artem Darensky, who took about six days to reach Montpellier from Doniplo in eastern Ukraine, said, “The world that Ukrainian athletes are fighting for their country. I wanted to participate in the World Figure Skating Championships to “show”. They explained.


Australia does not want Russia in the G20

“Russia has invaded Ukraine. It is a violent and offensive act that shatters the rule of international law. And the idea of ​​sitting around the table with Vladimir Putin … in my eyes It’s overkill, “said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


Ukrainian journalist father was kidnapped, according to Reporters Without Borders


Russian defense


A month after the start of the war, Vladimir Putin is throbbing and Ukraine is resisting

Although the damage has been enormous since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Ukrainians are still resisting Russian troops and the conflict is affecting the world. Our decryption.


Fatal conflict for Russian troops

7,000 and 15,000 soldiers have died in Ukraine, especially according to NATO officials, based on information from Ukrainian authorities and Western intelligence.


Renault suspends some of its activities, Leroy Merlin remains

French car maker Renault immediately stopped “activities at the Renault Moscow factory” due to pressure on its significant presence in Russia on Wednesday night, and the Russian subsidiary AvtoVAZ’s “possible stocks” Announced that it will evaluate “options”. Leroy Merlin’s holding company, Adeo, has decided to stay at the risk of a “planned bankruptcy.”


“The world must stop the war”

The day after a speech to French parliamentarians, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky filed a fierce appeal to citizens around the world to show his opposition to the Russian invasion a month after the start of the Russian invasion. rice field. “Hold the symbol of Ukraine to protect Ukraine, protect freedom and save life!” “From Wednesday to Thursday night, we launched Zelensky with an English video message.” Gather in squares and streets. Let’s show ourselves and hear our voice. »»

“Speak out, demonstrate from your office, home, school, university and in the name of peace!”, Beat the President. “The world must stop the war.”


U.S. sanctions more Russian oligarchs and politicians

The United States will announce “a series of sanctions involving both politicians and oligarchs” this Thursday, announced the day before National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. He also said the G7 countries will launch an “initiative” to prevent Russia from avoiding the sanctions it has already imposed.


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