War in Ukraine: FIFA sanctions Russia without suspension

Soccer-A measure that causes anger above all else. The world’s highest football agency finally lifted its silence on Sunday, February 27, and imposed sanctions on the Russian football team.

As the war in Ukraine enters the fifth day of armed conflict on Monday, February 28, Fifa has decided to take restrictive steps on Russia’s football choices this Sunday. Specifically, Russian soccer teams will no longer be able to play home matches and will have to play in a neutral position for future matches.

Also, as in the case of the recent Olympics, under a neutral flag, under the name of the “Russian Football Union” (RFU), you will be forced to participate without a flag or national anthem. The first decision unanimously made by the FIFA Council. Therefore, for the time being, we will not exclude “Sbornia” from the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

FIFA protests FIFA decision

But this is not enough for some players in the football world. FIFA has to go further with that sanction. Shortly after the FIFA decision was announced, several sports federations declared that they had completely refused to play against Russia on the grass of the stadium.

In Reed, Poland categorically refuses to “participate in this appearance game,” as the Polish Football Association president explained on Twitter. “Today’s decision by FIFA is completely unacceptable. […] Our position does not change. The Polish national team will not play against Russia, regardless of the team’s name, “said Tsezary Cressa.

At the beginning of the controversy, Poland’s decision is explained by a future match that must oppose Robert Lewandowski’s choice against that of the Russians on March 24 in the World Cup-2022 semifinals.

Immediately following Poland’s choice, followed by two other countries, Sweden and the Czech Republic, where Alexander Golovin’s team had to face Russia as soon as they qualified. For the Czech Federation, “in the current situation, it is impossible to play against the Russian national team, even in a neutral position.” FIFA has started a dialogue over the last few hours to find something in common.

FFF supports Russia’s exclusion

Hours before FIFA’s decision, the British Football Association also announced that it would not play an international match against Russia in the “foreseeable future.”

Even FFF President Noel Le Grae confided in an interview this Sunday. Parisian He devoted himself to the exclusion of Russia in the next world, but said he had not yet spoken to other federations and that it was only the “first momentum” on his part so far.

FIFA has guaranteed that it will “determine possible sanctions, including potential exclusions from competition, that will apply in the near future if the situation does not improve rapidly.”

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