War in Ukraine, her relationship with Putin … highlights of Marine Le Pen “against BFM”

Candidates for the National Union answered questions from BFMTV and BFMBusiness for just over two hours.

A night characterized by the war in Ukraine. Marine Le Pen has long answered questions from BFMTV and BFM business journalists as the bombardment in Kyiv intensifies again.Guest Face BFM This Tuesday night, candidates for the national coalition for the presidential election defended the vision of the conflict, but also mentioned other themes. A review of the highlights of the show.

• Emmanuel Macron “plays the role of president”

Marine Le Pen and other presidential candidates are campaigning in certain situations during the war in Ukraine and with their main rival, the current head of state, not yet proclaiming themselves. ..

“That’s whether it’s complicated or not. The news focuses on very serious subjects and everything seems less serious. The President of the Republic is not a candidate, but a president. “I’m playing,” explained Marine Le. A pen that you don’t want to be “irritated” by this. But it “will be necessary at some point” for him to “submit to the discussion of ideas.”

Meanwhile, the candidate blamed Bruno Le Mer’s words about the “economic war” with Russia before retreating. “I think Bruno Le Pen’s words are irresponsible. (…) These declarations should not unknowingly be considered a co-belligerence,” Marine Le Pen responded.

• Vladimir Putin is “wrong” and “crossed the red line”

Marine Le Pen, who is regularly accused of being close to Vladimir Putin, assured that the Russian president was “wrong” and that his decision to invade Ukraine was “unacceptable”. “He crossed the red line,” said the candidate.

Marine Le Pen was asked about his relationship, but the Russian president “is no longer exactly the same” as he met him in the Kremlin five years ago, but “doesn’t regret anything.” Guarantee us. In the current situation, she explains that she will never make this trip again.

“Today, Vladimir Putin is an enemy,” she commented. “Yesterday he was an ally when he was fighting Islamic fundamentalism.”

• The situation of Ukrainian refugees is “very different” from that of Afghanistan and Syria.

Marine Le Pen is in favor of welcoming some of the Ukrainians who have fled the Russian-led war. “France does not intend to welcome only 650,000 refugees, but those who want to do so,” said the presidential candidate.

A few months ago, during the fall of Kabul, the National Rally nevertheless launched a petition against the large-scale acceptance of Afghan refugees in France. “Ukraine is a European country, and from the perspective of regional solidarity, I think it is natural for European countries to welcome war refugees from European countries,” she commented.

Her situation is “very different” from that of Afghanistan and Syria. “The bombed Syrians were Muslims,” ​​she replied.

“I think the situation is very different (…). In Ukraine, we want to protect women, children and the elderly during the war and allow them to go home after the conflict.” Explained.

• “Much more important to do” than abolishing marriage for everyone

Marine Le Pen, who proposed to abolish the marriage of all in France five years ago, has since returned to the problem.

“Time has passed and it’s been nearly a decade now. There’s something more important,” says Marine Le Pen. She recalls wanting a three-year moratorium on social issues.

She prefers to focus on the fight against poverty and unemployment during this period. She also intends to use this moratorium to prevent the “crushing” of French society.

• Marion Maréchal joins Eric Zemmour.It’s “in a few days”

Marine Le Pen said he was “confident” that Marion Maréchal’s rally to Eric Zemmour was a “daily problem.” When asked about the “potential rally,” the candidate explained that he could withdraw the “potential” after confirming that there was no direct confirmation from her niece.

“It makes me personally sad and it puts me in the depths of political embarrassment. I’m the only one who can beat Emmanuel Macron,” the candidate quoted. Survey..

• “Zero immigration is the slogan”

Marine Le Pen opposes the “physical” wall on the European border, where Eric Zemmour wanted to delay immigration to France, and instead acts as a “deterrence” “legal wall” I liked it.

“Zero immigrants are an objective slogan,” said Marine Le Pen, who does not oppose foreign students entering France but wants to encourage the arrival of French-speaking students compared to non-language-speaking ones. Also declared.