War in Ukraine: Here’s how to help civilians and refugees:

Several associations and NGOs are calling for donations. (© AB / Actu Marseille)

The The war is intensifying and Russia’s offensive does not seem to stop The sixth day of the invasion of Ukraine, Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Some civilians have opted to escape to the western or border countries of the country.

After Thursday, February 24, the day of the attack by the Russian army, 660,000 people participate in neighboring countries According to figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) released on Tuesday. Regardless of the situation, you need food, medical equipment, or hygiene products.

France, through Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, has announced that it will send 33 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Poland and that 30 tonnes of supplies must also depart for Moldova.

Several city halls, including Lille and Lyon, have also announced that they can accommodate hundreds of Ukrainians.

Individuals can also send monetary or physical donations, or even receive refugees from this war. via Nongovernmental organization.

This is a non-exhaustive list of NGOs operating in the field.


It has been in Ukraine since 2014, and due to the conflict in Donbus, the Red Cross has begun calling for donations and has taken several actions since the invasion of Russia.Among them, “Distribution of 30,000 sanitary kits and groceries and evacuation of persons with disabilities” indicates that the Humanitarian Aid Association has contacted. news.fr.

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Distribution of water, food and medicine is also organized.

On-site, the organization provides first aid training at subway stations and shelters to support Ukrainian firefighters and medical units.

In neighboring countries where Ukrainian refugees are heading, Red Cross volunteers distribute food, water and basic necessities. The association has designated shelters and “emergency accommodation is provided to people in need.”

You can make a donation here.

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Through the United Nations, The refugee-specialized institution has also begun calling for donations.

“Once access to affected people and the security of humanitarians are guaranteed, we are ready to strengthen our work and provide support on the spot and in neighboring countries.” UNHCR wrote in a tweet.

The donation will “provide shelter, care, food and protection for uprooted families,” the organization explains.

You can make a donation here.

France’s Sequours populaire organizes a mission to “bring concrete and swift solidarity to Ukrainians in Moldova, Poland” and guarantees the association.

In Poland, Secours populaire collects food for refugees and works with Polish associations to provide accommodation solutions.

Moldova distributes kits to families to provide physical assistance to refugees. The SPF seeks to organize actions “by keeping in touch” on the border between Slovakia and Ukraine. news.fr..

We do not ask for physical donations. Donations help you keep up with changing conditions so you can respond more quickly and adapt to your needs.

French People’s Assistance

Please note that SPF-specific missions will take place in Poland and Moldova.

You can make a donation here.

In collaboration with the People in Need Association, which has been active in Ukraine since 2014, NGO Care has begun calling for donations.

Urgent distribution of food, water and sanitation kits will be organized. “We also provide financial and psychosocial support to those affected by violence,” the NGO said on its website.

This war revolves around a humanitarian crisis that has been largely forgotten. The current situation is deteriorating over time and the need for humanitarian aid and population protection is rapidly increasing.

Jane BurgerResponsible for emergency situations in French NGO care.

You can make a donation here.

The site lists other platforms This allows you to donate to other child-focused organizations, such as Save the Children.

Donation of materials

Association since 2014 France-Ukraine medical and charitable assistance Transport medical equipment to Ukraine.

If, Donations are possible On this platform, the association has created a list of medical devices that are missing in the field, including: Compressfrom Antibiotics or stretcher..

Aide Médicale et charitatif France-Ukraine is primarily targeted at “hospitals, French businesses and governments”. It invites potential donors to collect materials from experts.

It is possible to indicate a donation through this document.

Welcome refugees

While the town offered to accept refugees, Aide Médicale and the charity France Ukraine Centralize accommodation proposals.

Anyone who wants to host Ukrainians can write to hebergement @ ukr.fr by email.

Attention, it is advisable to check the donation platform and the association behind the pot.

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