War in Ukraine: How to Help Refugees and People Affected by Conflict?

As the battle continues, nearly 500,000 Ukrainians have to flee their country, while others are stuck in their own country. In the face of this, solidarity action is taking place in France: medical equipment, basic necessities, clothing or donations of money … La Dépêche considers specifically what can be done.

Humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people comes from the entire Occitanie region, all over France, and many countries around the world.

According to the Interior Minister, France 2 guest Gerald Darmanin sent 33 tonnes of basic necessities to Poland on Monday, February 28, to assist Ukrainian refugees. Tent, medicine, food, “everything that helps people be welcomed at their best”. And this week, over 30 tons of material should leave for Moldova. You can also help the Ukrainian people at your own level.

Help the injured

Keep in mind that depending on the structure of aid, the donations required may not always be the same. At this time, the main demand is for medical devices (tourniquets, tourniquets, survivor blankets, defibrillators, respiratory organs) to assist the injured. Parisian.. The call for donations (of medical devices and money) was initiated by the Aidemédicale charitative (AMC) France-Ukraine Association. The association has already participated in this field since 2014. We provide medical equipment throughout Ukraine.

According to Parisians, there is also the Alliance Occitanie Ukraine, an association of Catalonia that has been organizing a humanitarian convoy to Ukraine since 2018.

Donate to an association that supports Ukrainians

If you want to make a donation, many organizations are currently accepting donations.

among them, Ukrainian Red Cross.. The facility repairs and supplies medical facilities and provides food and hygiene products to residents. You can donate here.You can also turn to Doctors of the world..

Independent newspaper Kyiv independenceAn independent media reporting the current situation of the country since the beginning of the conflict is soliciting donations at this link. The Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund, a fund managed by the United Nations. The funds raised will be made available to various front-line partner organizations.

Other organizations like Save the ChildrenSpecializing in helping to provide food and blankets to children, especially helps Ukrainians. And finally, United Help UkraineIs a U.S. non-profit organization founded after the annexation of Crimean in 2014, “people at the forefront of protecting Ukraine from Russia’s invasion,” their families, and those exiled by the crisis. I am supporting.

Welcome Ukrainian refugees

It is also possible to welcome Ukrainian refugee families in solidarity. To welcome Ukrainian refugees in France, some cities have already begun the process, especially by mobilizing accommodation and other similar reception facilities. Cities are also required to mobilize.

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Does Toulouse welcome Ukrainian refugees?

For example, Mayor of Lille Martine Aubrey has announced that 250 locations are already available and has begun a census of individuals who voluntarily provide accommodation.

In Toulouse, a sister city of Kyiv since 1975, Mayor Jean-Luc Mudenk said future actions in solidarity with the Ukrainian people “identified the most effective means of correctly identifying needs and benefiting from them.” It is being researched to do. ” Kyiv as a priority. “

AMC France Ukraine has started to appeal to host families. If you want to welcome Ukrainian refugees in your home, you can contact the association via this email address: [email protected]