War in Ukraine, Impact on Sports: Former Russian Olympic Champion Povetkin claims to be in favor of the war

The world of judo loses Putin

Vladimir Putin was suspended from his position as Honorary Chairman and Ambassador of the International Judo Union on Sunday and was stripped of his position by the European Judo Union (EJU). “Withdrawal of Vladimir Putin’s position as Honorary Chairman of the EJU” authorizes the press release available on the site. Sergei Solobeichk, president of the European Judo Union and vice president of the Russian Federation, resigned from the EJU mission last weekend.

Former Russian boxer Pobetkin defends Russia’s aggression and wants to “fight against Nazism”

Former boxer Alexander Povetkin takes the position of supporting Russia in the conflict between his country and Ukraine. In a post published on social networks, he appeared against the backdrop of the Russian flag and gave a clear speech.

“When the Slavs were extinct in Donbus, we fought for the truth in the last few years, which is why I decided to protect the general public and fight the Nazism that parasitizes us. All wars are coming to an end. Hopefully this will also be over in the next few days. “

Alexander Povetkin became a super heavyweight Olympic champion in Athens in 2004.

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It’s official, Schalke will drop its main sponsor, Gazprom

A powerful decision that is a symbol of German D2 club Schalke 04. The formation of Gelsenkirchen officially breached a contract with its main partner, Gazprom, a Russian company on Monday. Schalke say they are confident in finding a new sponsor.

2022 World Cup Dam: “Disappointment” Keeps Pressure on Sweden’s FIFA Decision

In a statement posted on Monday, the Swedish Football Association responds to FIFA’s decision to keep the World Cup playoffs with its potential opponent Russia under the neutral flag. “SvFF is disappointed with Fifa’s decision, but is determined to work with other federations to cancel the Russian match from the upcoming World Cup playoffs.” Like Poland and the Czech Republic, the Swedish Federation also claims the fact that Sweden “does not play against Russia because of an illegal and very unjustified invasion of Ukraine.” The Czech-Polish Football Association adds an SVFF that states, “We will continue our dialogue with Fifa.”

Lomachenko, Woo-shik, Amosov … Ukrainian athletes cross their arms

Ukrainian sportsmen have been mobilized in a conflict with Russia. After former tennis players Sergiy Stakhovsky and the Klitschko brothers, several martial arts experts have announced that they will join the Ukrainian army.

And especially. World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Oleksandr Usyk, like former World Lightweight Boxing Champion Vasiliy Lomachenko, has returned to his homeland to join a local unit. He is also armed with Belator’s world welterweight champion in mixed martial arts Yaroslav Amosov.

Vasiliy Lomachenko joins Ukrainian troops to protect his country

Vasiliy Lomachenko, Ukrainian Boxer, WBO Featherweight, WBO Super Featherweight, WBA, WBO and WBC Lightweight World Champions have announced that they will join the defense corps to protect their country from Russia’s invasion. A 34-year-old boxer posted a photo of himself wearing his military uniform and holding a weapon.

Ukrainian athletes issue open letters calling for suspension of Russians and Belarusians

Justin Wadswoth, Hayley Wickenheiser, Andrea Proske and Jannifer Casson are chairs of the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees to “suspend the Olympic and Paralympic Committees of Russia and Belarus” and “ban all athletes”. Signed a public letter to Thomas Bach and Andrew Parsons. , Including the Paralympics in Beijing. “

Ukrainian athletes are calling for the IOC and IPC to “participate in the international community to sanction Russia and Belarus.”

Klopp “doesn’t understand how adults can put the whole world in such a situation.”

Jurgen Klopp, who won the League Cup with Liverpool after a sensational penalty shootout (0-0, 11 pens to 10) in Wembley on Sunday, went into the situation in Ukraine minutes after the final whistle rang. It reacted.

Questions from the Swedish media Viaplay football“I don’t understand how adults put the whole world in such a situation,” said the German manager, “I know so many Ukrainians and Russians, it’s obviously people. Not about, this is a war of very bad people. “

Chelsea Foundation councilors have reportedly not yet accepted Abramovich’s offer.

Following the withdrawal of Russian Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and the announcement of a brief press release published on the Bruce website, the Daily Mail and the BBC announced on Monday that there was no club control by Foundation managers. Announced Not yet verified. Some of them could even reject the offer, specifically requesting additional details and questioning the compatibility of their role as a charity administrator with club management.