War in Ukraine: missile launches, armored vehicles in northern Kiev … what we know about ongoing combat

The second night of the war in Ukraine. The day after the Russian invasion began, the target was the capital Kiev. Explosions were heard from Thursday to Friday at midnight, tanks approached the city, and battles were taking place in the city. The Kremlin is calling on Ukraine to “put down its weapons.”

Russian troops tighten the rope around Kiev

According to journalists on the spot, the fighting is taking place in the Obolon district (Oblonsky) in northern Kiev and on the outskirts of the capital. I heard a fire exchange. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has shown on its Facebook page that Russian reconnaissance commands are sabotaging in the heart of the city.

After crossing the Ukrainian border relatively quickly on the first day of the war, several rows of Russian armor rushed into the country. According to Ukrainian troops, from the northeast, from Belarus, from the east, and from the north until approaching Kiev. The battle took place at Dymer and Ivankiv, 45 km and 80 km north of Kiev. For the Ukrainian General Staff, “the enemy (…) is trying to detour the city” and “attacks” it.

At the same time, Ukrainian military staff claim to have regained control of Gostmel’s Antonov military airport at the gates of the Ukrainian capital. He collapsed the day before during a lightning strike by Russian troops.

Explosion in the center of the capital

Ukrainian troops have pointed out that “missile launches” are also targeting Kiev, saying they destroyed two aircraft during the flight. An explosion had already rang in the capital in the middle of the night. Residential buildings were affected. Their inhabitants were taken care of by ambulances and Ukrainian rescue teams. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has accused “the horrific Russian missile launch in Kiev.”

The Ukrainian president has accused Russia of targeting civilians, but Moscow claims it wants to target only strategic, military, or energy facilities. Russian officials say, “Private citizenship is not a target, but this is their other lie. In fact, they make no distinction,” said the Ukrainian president.

If Ukraine “puts a weapon”, Russia is ready for negotiations

The Kremlin says he is ready to send a delegation for a meeting in Minsk, Belarus, a Russian conspiracy country that contains some of Putin’s tanks. “As soon as the Ukrainian army hears our call and puts down its weapons, it is ready for negotiations (…),” Russian diplomatic Prime Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said at a press conference at noon.

For Russian diplomacy, Russia’s military operations are aimed at demilitarizing and denazifying Ukraine, so it is free from this oppression and Ukrainians are free to choose their future. ” Leader of eastern Ukraine.

Russian troops specifically controlled the Chernobyl power plant, which suffered the worst nuclear accident in history in 1986, and announced the President of Ukraine. They are now advocating the management of an important canal to supply water to the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia has annexed and suffered from a shortage for eight years.

What is human loss?

Three people were injured, one of whom was seriously injured after the bombardment, according to the first report by the mayor of the capital, Vitali Klitschko, at dawn. This number can increase over time and the attack is not over. Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has mourned 137 dead and 316 injured, civilians and soldiers.

“It reminds me of the 1941 Nazi attack,” accuses Zelensky.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has increased statements to his people and the international community that he has sought to arm, and he has criticized the reaction that was too “too late” to be suppressed. “All the possibilities of sanctions are not exhausted yet. Pressure on Russia should increase,” he said.

At noon, cornered by the Russian offensive, the head of state of Ukraine called on veteran Europeans to come and fight in Ukraine, but some of them have recently gone to separatist territory. “If it’s too late to help Ukraine, how are you going to protect yourself?”, He harassed.

“Last night they started bombarding the civilian neighborhood, which reminds us (the Nazi attack) of 1941,” he moved in Russian a while back, in support of Ukraine. He wanted to be exposed to the public opinion of the enemy suppressed by Putin.

video. Zelensky: “Russia has launched a strike on our military infrastructure.”

Both countries are engaged in information warfare. Russia congratulated the achievement of all its objectives the day before, Ukraine was pleased with the Ukrainian “heroism” and ensured that the soldiers were doing “as much as possible” to protect the country. .. General mobilization has been proclaimed and the Ukrainian army is calling for an increase in rank “without age limits”.

“Putin chose to remove Ukraine from the state map.”

“Putin chose to remove Ukraine from the national map,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told France Inter this Friday morning following the outbreak of fighting near Kiev. .. “The Donbus case was just an excuse, and Putin wanted a Ukrainian submission.” »»

“We are doing everything to stop Vladimir Putin. He cannot remain alone in this world and cannot be a permanent invader,” he continues. rice field. “President Zelensky’s security is at the heart of what is happening now. We are in a position to help him if needed,” the French Foreign Minister emphasized.

“Magnificent” economic sanctions on Russia without military deployment

In the face of the attack on Kiev, 27 agreed to freeze Putin and Viklov’s assets. Other measures could be added to the second round of economic sanctions taken by Europe on Thursday night. Therefore, according to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the coalition wants to “impose a serious penalty on every aspect of the Russian economy.” Russia promises retaliation.

Bruno Le Mer declared to the media that the Russian economy “wants to run out of funding” shortly before the start of the Treasury meeting in Paris. However, the European Union is careful not to exclude Russia from the Swift interbank system. This is a very powerful measure that has been maintained as a last resort, called the “nuclear bomb” of economic sanctions.

Since Thursday, all Western heads of state and government have accused Russia of invading, especially rejecting the idea of ​​human support for Ukrainian soil through NATO. Therefore, the military alliance will send weapons and financially support Ukraine without placing soldiers there. At the same time, the European Union will grant Kiev € 1.2 billion. Paris will participate in 300 million songs. Talks continue: An extraordinary meeting of the EU Council of Interior Ministers this weekend.

Concerns around Chernobyl

Ukraine said it recorded worrisome radiation data at the damaged Chernobyl power plant. The Chernobyl power plant fell into the hands of Russian troops the day before, indicating that it was concerned about the safety of the facility, which was damaged in 1986 and is still radioactive.

Moscow asserts as part that everything is controlled there. “We have reached an agreement with a battalion of Ukrainian nuclear security forces to jointly secure an energy block and sarcophagus at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant,” said Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry.