War in Ukraine: Natalia escapes from Kyiv under a bomb and finds a shelter in Cherbourg

Since Tuesday, Natalia has found a haven for Urada and the frog in Cherbourg. The two women didn't know each other. Natalia saw Urada's post on social media and asked him for help.
Since Tuesday, Natalia has found a haven for Urada and the frog in Cherbourg. The two women didn’t know each other. Natalia saw Urada’s post on social media and asked him for help. (© La Manche Press / Jean-Paul BARBIER)

“Now I feel safe. Natalia Pietork has arrived at the station Cherbourg-Ann-Cotentin (Manche)She wore the pajamas she wore when her city, Kyiv, was bombed on February 24th.

“It was 5 o’clock in the morning. I heard the first noise, then the second noise. The third time I knew it was an attack,” explains the 50-year-old Ukrainian. To do. Her dance teacher, she has just resumed her lessons in Kyiv and has stopped for months due to her health crisis. She “now is a war,” she sadly summarized the Ukrainians.

“We hurriedly left Kyiv without thinking.”

Only two hours after the first bombardment of the city, Natalia Pietork went out on the road with her husband.

We still didn’t really know what was going on. Immediately I remembered my 15-year-old son at Odessa’s grandmother’s house facing the Black Sea. I absolutely wanted to find him. So we left Kyiv immediately without thinking.

Leaving the city, the couple looks in front of him A line of tanks heading to the capital.. The journey is long, almost 10 hours compared to the usual 4 hours.

Apart from husband and son

Upon arriving in Odessa, the couple soon decided to head towards the nearest border of Moldova. “Many people didn’t know where to cross the border,” Natalia adds.

I was thinking of going to Poland, but I found that the arterial road leading to it was bombed. So we changed our minds.

At the border, it’s time to do Hard separation.. Husband SergeiCan’t leave the territory, ready mobilization anytime.

Natalia and her son managed to get to Moldova. However, the Ukrainians who were given their ID had forgotten their passports when they left home in a hurry. This is what separates her from her son.

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In Moldova, mothers and sons don’t know where to go.

Nothing in the camp is as organized as it is now. We were going to Romania as far away from the war as possible. But without my passport, it was too complicated for me to pass.

“My story, I want to remember that many people need help. »» (© La Manche Press / Jean-Paul BARBIER)

This is where Natalia will send her son to Bulgaria with a family she did not know.

I wanted him to be so safe that we wanted to separate. I was very scared of him …

“I followed my instinct.”

The 50-year-old traveled to the capital of Moldova and, thanks to his patience, managed to get a white passport. She will also meet people who offer to take her to Paris for a fee. She accepts.

At that time, that chance will lead her to Cotentin. While scanning her social network, she came across a message from Ukrainian Urada Elbieu, who lives in Cherbourg and has thousands of followers.

She provided her help to those who contacted her. I asked her if it was really true and if I could count on her. Her relatives told me it was crazy to go to strangers. I have listened to my instincts and have come this far.

After traveling 3,000 kilometers to reach the English Channel, Natalia worries and chases the news. She is in a hurry: to find her son as soon as possible. “Hopefully it’s only a few days,” she says. Meanwhile, she found a rest with Urada and the frog.

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