War in Ukraine.Russian troops withdraw, Zelensky calls for demonstrations … the point of the night

At dawn on the 29th day of the war, Russian troops are trampling on several aspects of Ukraine, especially around the capital. Vladimir Putin’s army, which failed to occupy the big city, continues to attack the big city, and certain official sources suspect that it sometimes uses a phosphorus bomb.

And on Thursday, March 24, when Western heads of state and government leaders gathered in Brussels for the EU, NATO, and G7 summits, Wolodimirzelensky to show his opposition to Russia’s invasion. , Made a fierce appeal to citizens around the world. The day after its beginning.

We stock events that mark these last hours: on-site conditions, human casualties, negotiations, sanctions.

Russian troops withdraw

Russian troops have retreated more than 30km east of Kyiv for 24 hours and have begun to establish defensive positions on several fronts of the country, Pentagon officials said overnight.

“Ukrainians were able to repel Russians 55 kilometers east and northeast of Kyiv.”A senior official told the press that demanded anonymity, but the Pentagon estimated on Tuesday that Russian troops were still 15 to 20 kilometers away from the center of the capital.

“We are beginning to see them establish themselves and establish a defensive position.”He added. “It’s not that they aren’t moving forward, it’s that they aren’t trying to move forward.”

In the fierce battle of eastern Kharkov, Russian troops are still 15-20 km away from the city center and face resistance. “Very solid” Ukrainian.

Russian troops now seem to prioritize the pro-Russian separatist regions of Lugansk and Donetsk, according to Pentagon officials.

Ukraine accuses Russians of using phosphorus bombs

Vadim Omerchenko, Ambassador to France, said on Wednesday, March 23: BFM TV It holds evidence that Russia used white phosphorus shells during the bombing of Izyum in the eastern part of the country. “Experts must come to confirm this 100%. Today we think 90% that they are phosphorus bombs.”On his side, he declared the mayor of Irpin (on the outskirts of Kyiv) to the news channel.

This weapon can be used to illuminate the battlefield at night, generate smoke, and can also be used for incendiary purposes. “It is a chemical product that has the peculiarity of burning in contact with air. “, Defense consultant Michel Goya explains BFMTV. Like any other weapon, its use is banned from civilians, but it is not considered a chemical or biological weapon.

New nuclear threat

The use of this incendiary weapon has not yet been proven, but Russia continues to incite a nuclear threat.

In an interview with Sky newsRussia’s UN ambassador claimed that NATO retains the right to use nuclear weapons. “Cause” Russia.

When journalists ask him if Vladimir Putin is right to hover the prospects for a nuclear war in other parts of the world, Dmitry Polyansky replies: “If Russia is provoked by NATO, if Russia is attacked by NATO, I don’t know … we are a nuclear power, why?» »,addition “It’s not good to threaten Russia and try to interfere. When dealing with nuclear power, you have to calculate all the possible consequences of your actions.» »

U.S. team will consider response in case of chemical or nuclear attack

according to New York TimesThe White House quietly gathers a team of national security authorities to sketch a scenario of how the United States and its allies should respond if Vladimirputin uses chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. I did.

According to some people involved in the process “Tiger Team” We will also consider what to do if the Russian President enters NATO territory to attack a convoy that brings weapons and aid to Ukraine.

At three weekly meetings, in secret sessions, the team is also exploring options if the war spreads to neighboring countries, including Moldova and Georgia.

Zelensky calls for protests around the world

After speaking to French lawmakers and senators Wednesday afternoon, the Ukrainian president called on citizens around the world to go out on the streets in the evening to protest Russia’s invasion of the country.

“Hold the symbol of Ukraine to protect Ukraine, protect freedom and protect life!” »»Launched Volodymyr Zelensky with an English video message. “Meet in the square or on the street, show yourself and hear your voice. »»

This intense speech is given on the eve of the date marking the first month of the Russian invasion.Ukrainian president to the world “We will face the war from March 24th”

“Aloud, demonstrate from your office, home, school, university and in the name of peace! »»He hit with a mallet.

Renault shuts down operations in Moscow

French car maker Renault said Wednesday evening as part of its appeasement policy “Activities of the Renault factory in Moscow” To evaluate “Possible options for his participation” AvtoVAZ, a Russian subsidiary, is putting pressure on its significant presence in Russia.

The factory produces SUVs for Duster, Captur, Arcana and Nissan Terrano. However, most of the group’s presence in Russia is through its subsidiary AvtoVAZ, which sold nearly 500,000 cars in 2021 and is the second largest market after Europe.

Shortly before that day, Ukrainian diplomatic chief Dmytro Kuleba said “boycott” Renault is all over the world “He refused to leave Russia.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had previously urged French companies operating in Russia to stop supporting. “War Machine” A Russian, he leaves the country citing Renault, Ochan and Leroy Merlin during his speech at the French Parliament.

UK delivers 6,000 additional missiles

The British Prime Minister announced on Wednesday that after Russia’s invasion, Britain would launch another 6,000 missiles in Ukraine, more than doubling the launch of deadly defense weapons.

“The UK will work with its allies to strengthen military and financial support for Ukraine.”Boris Johnson said before the NATO-G7 summit scheduled in Brussels on Thursday. He also announced £ 25 million (Euro 30 million) aid to the Ukrainian army.

As part of this, NATO will deploy four new battlegroups in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia to strengthen its defenses against Russia in the east.Atlantic Alliance “Prepared to protect allies from nuclear attacks”The Secretary-General announced on Wednesday.

War in Ukraine.Russian troops withdraw, Zelensky calls for demonstrations … the point of the night