War in Ukraine: Should we be afraid of the nuclear threat swayed by Vladimir Putin?Our answer to see more clearly

Is the Doomsday Clock a little closer to midnight? On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his military leader at a conference broadcast on state television.Put Russian deterrence on special combat alerts. “..

If the wording is Sibilin, the message is clear. And the Russian president is taking nuclear rhetoric to the next level. To be on the safe side, on the first day of the invasion of Ukraine, he explained that the countries opposed to the conflict were at risk.Results you didn’t know before“.

What is Russian Army Deterrence?

This power includes both “Aggressive deterrence” that’s all “Defensive deterrence“As liberation explains, it mixes offensive nuclear and non-nuclear weapons, as well as defense technology.

Beyond the wording, experts emphasize that some of Russia’s nuclear weapons are virtually permanently usable, as in NATO.

“”They can be triggered within 10 minutes“Mark Finault, a proliferation expert at the Geneva Security Policy Center (GCSP), explains.”Either the warhead is already fixed to the missile, or the bomb is already on board. “ Bombers and submarines.

What is the state of Russia’s nuclear weapons?

Russia’s nuclear weapons with 6,255 warheads, including 1,600 already deployed, are the largest in the world. It can be divided into strategic “triads” consisting of land, sea and air components. It also features strategic missiles and long-range strategic ballistic missiles that can be used in regional conflicts.

For example, Russia has a fairly well-named nuclear missile called “Satan 2” that can destroy a country as large as France.

For reference, there are 5,550 warheads in the United States, of which 1,700 are deployed. Next are China (350) and France (290).

Can Vladimir Putin decide on his own nuclear attack?

Theoretically, it’s not. He needs an agreement between Defense Minister Sergei Shoigou and Russian Army Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov. It was for them that the President of Russia issued an order to warn the army of special caution.

Toleration of dangerous climbing or weakness?

“”Putin can’t press the red button at the moment of Dr. Strangelove’s madness“, L’Express, Benjamin Hautecouverture, Researcher of the Strategic Research Foundation, Nuclear Expert.

“”In deciding to raise the level of nuclear pressure, he is probably impatient with the operational reality that disappoints him.“.

Opinions shared by other experts. “”There is Russian frustration against Ukrainian resistance“David Calfa, a researcher at the Jean Jaurès Foundation in Paris, says.

Do you need to worry?

The intention of the head of the Russian Federation seems to be unreadable by experts. His announcement on Sunday is inconsistent with the official Russian deterrence theory. Vladimir Putin approved the basic principles of this concept in June 2020, as experts Hans Kristensen and Matt Corda explained and were interviewed by the AFP.

Four Cases Justifying the Use of Nuclear Weapons: Ballistic Missile Shooting Against Russia or Allies, Use of Nuclear Weapons by Enemy, Attacks on Russian Nuclear Weapons Sites, or Attacks Including Games “The existence of the nation itself“.

To justify his decision, Vladimir Putin now says, “NATO’s militant declaration “ Towards Russia. Includes economic sanctions recently taken against the country.

What is the reaction?

“”unacceptable“For Washington”Irresponsible“For NATO. But the United States has minimized Vladimir Putin’s remarks. Asked if Americans should be worried about nuclear war, their president Joe Biden simply replied:”No”..

Unnecessary and dangerous provocative rhetoric“, WHO”Increases the risk of incidents“, US diplomacy seems to downplay the threat and wants to avoid reacting to what it considers to be.escalation“.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned Vladimir Putin on the first day of the invasion of Ukraine.I think Vladimir Putin must also understand that the Atlantic Alliance is a nuclear alliance.“.

“”I think it’s a distraction from the reality of what’s happening in Ukraine“I believe in Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

On the ground, the Kremlin’s ally Belarus organized a referendum on Sunday, eliminating the obligation of the former Soviet Republic to remain a “nuclear-free zone.”

Westerners have blamed this change. They believe it may allow Moscow to transfer nuclear weapons to another neighboring country of Ukraine, Belarus.