War, Inflation, Abortion in Ukraine … Things to Remember from Joe Biden’s Speech to US Parliament

More than a year after the attack on the Capitol by Donald Trump supporters, The US Congress provided a rare scene on Tuesday, March 1st. The Republicans and Democrats stood up together and showed their support for the Ukrainian ambassador, an honorary guest, in Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. The Democratic Party put the war in Ukraine at the center of his first speech to Parliament for his term.

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The context of this annual ritual, which allows the President of the United States to elaborate on the main lines of his policy, was special this year. The Head of State has never delivered this speech since 1945. “While a ground war of such magnitude and scope was underway in Europe”,remember New York Times *.. Franceinfo summarizes the highlights for you.

The West “united” with “dictator” Vladimir Putin

Joe Biden “dictator” Compliments to Vladimir Putin and the resistance of the Ukrainian people, “A person who is not afraid of anything”..President of Russia “I tried to shake the very foundations of the free world, thinking he might bend it to his menacing way.”79-year-old Democrat * said. “But he miscalculated.”

“”[Vladimir Poutine] He could enter Ukraine and thought the world would collapse. Instead, he encountered a wall of power that he had never expected or imagined. He met the Ukrainian people. “

Joe Biden

During his State of the Union address

In the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States and its allies “United”, Joe Biden was hit with a mallet.According to him, Vladimir Putin was wrong “I don’t think NATO will react with the West” To this attack. “The fact that the Russian dictator has invaded a foreign country costs the whole planet.Said the President of the United States. In the battle between democracy and dictatorship, democracy is high and the world clearly chooses the peace and security aspects. “

Vladimir Putin “Now more isolated than ever from other parts of the world”Insisted on Joe Biden in the face of elected members of the House of Representatives, Mainly decorated with yellow and blue ribbons, jackets, or scarves (Ukrainian flag color).United States, they “Standing with the Ukrainian people”He guaranteed.

New measures to respond to the Ukrainian invasion

Joe Biden Biden used this annual speech to announce new sanctions against Moscow. Following the example of the European Union and Canada, he announced a ban on US airspace for Russian planes. The US president also threatened Russia’s oligarchy, “Yachts, luxury condominiums, private jets”The result of the profits he considered fraudulent, without specifying a concrete plan.

Russia is second Joe Biden, the world’s largest oil exporter, said the United States will unblock 30 million barrels of oil from strategic stockpiles. According to the report, this represents 5% of the 582 million barrels that make up these reserves. US Energy Information Administration.

The Therefore, half of the barrels of oil released from the 30 member states of the International Energy Agency (IEA), of which the United States and France are members, are from the United States. Thus, the IEA aims to stabilize oil prices, which have soared since the invasion of Ukraine, and avoid shortages.

Covid and inflation, two burning problems before the mid-term

If his first words were about the war in Ukraine, the President of the United States devoted most of his speeches to domestic political affairs. “Covid-19 should no longer dominate our lives.”Joe Biden argued in front of the audience, almost without a mask, after a new recommendation from health authorities to adapt to a pandemic decline.

He recalled the sometimes fierce debate about health measures, one of the serious problems of his first year in office, and felt that Americans couldn’t. “does not change [leurs] The division of the past. ” “But for Covid-19 and other issues we have to face together, we can change the way we move forward.”He insisted.

A few months before the midterm elections, Joe Biden could sacrifice his majority in Congress, and Joe Biden said “Top priority” Right now “Lower the price [des biens de consommation] Under control. ” Inflation reached its highest level in the United States in 30 years, reaching 6.2% in a year.Joe Biden plans to produce more products to reduce costs and reduce deficits “in America”Instead of “At the mercy of foreign supply chains.”

Promises to connect conservatives and progressives

Faithful to his centrist position, Joe Biden engaged in political equilibrium with Congress.He did not criticize the opposition Republican Or his predecessor, Donald Trump, pays attention to the magazine time*. The Democrats have promised to allocate more money to police to reassure conservative voters who accuse him of being lazy, thereby responding to the rise in crime in the United States.He also assured what he wanted “Secure” The border with Mexico where the wave of immigrants continues.

But Joe Biden also made a promise to the progressives. He specifically guaranteed to fight to defend the right to abortion, “Unprecedented threat”, Meanwhile, the Supreme Court must rule on Mississippi law that restricts access to abortion.He also “Continue to advance maternity social security for all Americans”Also, to protect African-American access to voting, it was reduced by a series of laws in several southern states, according to the Public Radio NPR *.

Joe Biden finally made his promise “support” To young transgender Americans subject to measures to limit their rights in certain conservative states.More broadly, the Democratic Party promised to study “Bipartisan Equality Law”, “For our LGBT + Americans”.

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