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War between Ukraine and Russiacase

The Ukrainian President and several Holocaust monuments condemned the Russian attack that took place near the Babyar Jewish monument. On the spot, AFP journalists specify that the monument was not struck directly.


A Russian bombardment targeting a TV tower in Kyiv killed five people and injured five on Tuesday, according to a report shared by the Ukrainian emergency service. Immediately after this attack, some images showed a large cloud of smoke rising from a television tower right next to the Babin Yar monument. There, more than 33,000 Jews were buried by the Nazis on September 29th and 30th. , By our correspondents.

The attack was blamed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who called on the international community to resent.With a tweet addressed “To the whole world”,caveat: “If the world is silent when a bomb falls in the same place in Babin Yar, what does it mean to say” never again “for 80 years? At least 5 people died. The story repeats … ” On Twitter Andrey Jermac, head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, described the Russians as follows: “Barbarians [qui] The Holocaust victim is slaughtered for the second time.

The bombing of this important Jewish monument was also condemned by officials at the Babin Yar Center. “Putin is trying to distort and manipulate the Holocaust to justify an illegal invasion of a sovereign democracy. This is absolutely evil. The location of Babin Yar, where he is the Nazis’ greatest slaughter. It is symbolic to start attacking Kyiv by attacking. “ Elsewhere in Jewish memory expressed their surprise following these Russian strikes. “If the Russian army cannot respect human life, it is difficult to expect to respect the dead.”, Greaves Auschwitz monument.. In the statement, the World Holocaust Memorial Center Yad Vashem blamed “Vehement” Called this attack “Because of its irreplaceable value for Holocaust studies, education and memory, not only these historic sites, but also the international community that works together to protect the lives of civilians. You need to protect sacred places like. “

The monument is still intact

The day after the image of the explosion, fire, and black smoke above Babiyar Park, the monument itself did not appear to have been damaged by the attack.Various photos and videos of the bombing consulted by CheckNews It shows that an explosion that claimed the lives of five civilians took place at the foot of the Kyiv television tower. The building is surrounded by Babin Yar Park and has several monuments dedicated to the various victims of the Nazi massacre.

We will announce it on-site this Wednesday morning. AFP journalist Daph Nelso reveals two photographs of a still intact memorial sculpture dedicated to dead children and a menorah (seven-branch candlestick) in honor of the executed Jews. did. The reporter said: “As you can see, the monument itself, a park one kilometer away from the tower, is intact.”..With that dispatch, AFP will add that monument “I wasn’t directly affected by the strike.”

Journalist Ron Ben-Yishai sent to Kyiv Israeli news site ynet He also went there and concluded in his report: “After walking around the entire large site, I can be confident that the monument has not been damaged and that no bombs, missiles or shells have hit the area. The closest impact to Babyar is with Kyiv communications. It occurred in a complex of television towers, about 300 meters from the new monument and about 1 km from the old monument to the victims of the World War II slaughter.

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Article updated, March 2, 2022 3:30 pm: Ynet report added