Watch out for old videos recycled online

The invasion of Ukraine, initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday morning February 24, has created a huge wave of resentment that has led Western nations to impose unprecedented sanctions on Russia and its economies. ..

Latest live information: Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine, an explosion in Kiev and several major cities

As with all major crises, social networks divert many virus images, especially for the purpose of affecting one or the other. Here are some videos that have been broadcast in the last few hours.

  • “Flying over Kiev” Russian plane … Taken in Russia in 2020

“The war has begun. »» “The fighter has arrived. »» “This is what is happening in Kiev this morning. »» video Widely distributed online depicts Russian fighters allegedly flying over a building in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

But he said the video wasn’t for today. It was not filmed in Ukraine either. In fact, it is a sequence taken during a military parade rehearsal on April 5, 2020 in Tsushino, Russia (a suburb of Moscow).

  • Explosion of “Ukrainian power plant” in China in 2015

This is one of the most broadcast videos after the announcement of the Russian invasion. With viral tweets written in EnglishInternet users have recorded a fire initiated by a Russian airstrike at a power plant from Luhansk in Donbus, as the video has been watched more than 100,000 times and has been duplicated by other users on Twitter. Claims to be.

Again, the video shows something completely different Date of 2015.. These are actually images of a double explosion that occurred in a warehouse containing flammable and toxic products at Tianjin Port in eastern China. The explosion at this factory killed nearly 170 people.

  • Massive paratroopers released … during military exercises in 2014

In another video, widely shared on social networks, you can see hundreds of soldiers parachuting down on a plane. All of these were taken from the ground by amateur cameras in the army.Some of the virus tweets It was erasedOthers are still online. “Russian airborne troops reportedly dominated Kiev Airport.”Can you read With a Twitter account in France.. “Russian Airborne Troops landed on Ukrainian territory near Kharkov.”, Write another Twitter userThis time in Turkish.

However, traces of this same video were found six years ago in September 2016, such as on the Russian social network twitter.. Therefore, these images are not from the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine.

They can be found by scrutiny, and the report at the time shows that it is actually a Russian military exercise dating back to March 2014. Approximately 1,500 paratroopers were dispatched from the Russian news agency Interfax, and the exercise was conducted in the Rostov-on-Don region, not far from the Ukrainian border.

  • “Downed Russian Airplane” … Taken in Libya in 2011

Another viral videoLasted 45 seconds and was widely broadcast with the aim of explaining the first clash between Russian and Ukrainian troops. Images taken in the middle of the day show the plane that was the target of the missile. Then it caught fire and crashed in the middle of the field.

For Internet users, these images show that Russia is lying by denying that the plane was shot down by Ukrainians. For others, they prove that Ukraine successfully defends itself by successfully immobilizing Russian troops. According to a Ukrainian-based journalist (the post was subsequently deleted), It would even be a Russian plane shot down near Kramatorsk in Donbus. However, these images do not prove it.

Again, the videos taken before the current event in Ukraine are out of context. It was created by the Associated Press on March 19, 2011, during the war in Libya. In the caption posted on YouTube, AP details the background.

Libyan rebels shot down fighters attacking an eastern fortress in Benghazi on Saturday, alleging that the Mu’ammar Al-Kadafi administration opposed a call for an immediate ceasefire. »»

At that time, attacks were being launched by the United States, Britain, and France to thwart the pro-Kadafi forces at the Benghazi Gate.

  • Explosion of “Fire on Airplanes” … Video already shared last year

Another video, another diversion. In a 10 second night sequence, You can see many propeller planes flying over the city that was the target of the salvo from the ground. Image presented as coming from a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

But again, if it’s difficult to date the video exactly, it’s clear that it’s not from yesterday.Especially you can find it on Instagram Posted on October 4, 2021It suggests that it is actually a special effect that explains World War II.

  • Photos from “Kyiv Post”Since 1993

English independent media Kieu Post I posted a photo of an airplane shot down by the Ukrainian Air Force on Thursday morning with the following caption. “6When Defeat and glorify the heroes! »» The media mentions a Facebook post from the Ukrainian military ministry claiming to have shot down a seventh Russian plane in the morning.

But many Twitter users Kieu Post I explained the information with a dated photo.In fact, itpicture It shows a mid-air collision between two Russian MiG-airs that occurred in the United Kingdom on July 24, 1993. “Explaining a tweet with an old photo to make the content easier to see during a conflict only disseminates false information. Likes and clicks are less important than accurate conflict information.” Lamented Online Survey Journalism Site Bellingcat.

  • Russia’s aerial “attack” … from video games

“It’s a war, the most serious act on our continent since World War II.”, comment, Julian Morganti, a city council member of Bastia, Corsica, on Twitter. In a virus tweet, he apologizes for the Russian declaration of war by posting a video showing a missile launched at night. Images are also shared in English.

This video is actually from a video game, WarThunder, The extract is Published on YouTube in December 2021..

Therefore, be careful before broadcasting the video related to this conflict. For example, here are some tips for understanding the images available on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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