“We are very cautious” about the future of Girondins de Bordeaux, warning Senator Natalie De Latre’s Vice President.

Ten of the 18 members of Girondins sent a letter to the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra asking them to accept a delegation from Girondins de Bordeaux. This meeting will be held on Wednesday. Clubs demoted to National 1 by the DNCG Appeal Committee will be heard by CNOSF on Thursday, July 21, as a last resort to save skin in League 2. If this decision is confirmed, it must be accompanied by a bankruptcy filing. Condemn the club’s evolution in Part 5 National 3.

Despite President Gerard Lopez’s announcement of an agreement with US creditors to reduce it, several points have been raised to motivate the demotion of the Girondins on July 5. On her side, Senate Vice President, Gironde Senator, and Bordeaux City Council elected Natalie Delatre (Radical Party) shared a letter sent to the Minister on a social network. She gives an overview and details why she decided to invest in saving the club from a historic collapse.

Franceinfo: Sports: Can this mobilization of local councilors really influence the final decision of DNCG?

Natalie De La Tre: I think so. In any case, League 2 will resume in 10 days, so it’s too late to go to court. All are based on the understanding of accounting documents by the CNOSF, the Advisory Public Services Delegation, and the views that the Minister can form. She first says she doesn’t want to participate in the decision, then she agrees to receive the club. Bring the stone to the building. The demotion of the Girondins will affect the women’s team and threaten the employment of 300 people …

Is it political responsibility to put such “pressure” on the ministers of sports clubs?

There is an emotional side and we receive a message of support. But this club is also an important economic unit. I fight for business. Omobilized to Blanquefort’s Ford site, jI don’t know why I wouldn’t do it at a sports club that affects Girondin’s life. I think it’s normal to answer questions from clubs, supporters, and partners.

You talk about work, but social planning is already planned by Gerard Lopez after being demoted to League 2 …

Yes, that’s obvious. From DNCG, we can see that it is not just the management here. But today there is no other solution. Of course, if CNOSF opens a dialogue, this will all be considered later.

As he can say, do you think this decision was made for Lopez rather than for the club?

It’s a feeling.Demoted [administratives] Most often the result of a club’s suspension of payments. Here it is not. Expectations are sometimes misunderstood and all hypotheses can arise. You see it on social networks, I have a question. We cannot avoid asking questions.

Thousands of Girondin supporters demonstrated downtown Bordeaux on July 9, 2022, shortly after the club's demotion to National 1 was confirmed in an appeal.  (MAXPPP)

It’s all the same manager who prefers to add credit lines when DNCG asks him to add equity. Will the question arise that public institutions will continue without him?

I’m not defending Mr. Lopez! We are being captured because the club is in a catastrophic situation. I don’t think it’s a solution to go into liquidation. What is interesting is that the minister can talk to the leader about this and he asks himself the right question. You need to start this dialogue.

It feels like the political reaction is slowing down. The arrival of the GACP Investment Fund (2018) and Gerard Lopez (2021) was well received. Given the state of the club since then, this is …

Yes, you can challenge. But if you face a club facing the withdrawal of M6 (owner from 1999 to 2008) and a solution is provided … the situation may be different from your local partner and you are lucky. You can do anything. When we talked to Ultramarine, the main Girondin Ultra group, they gave us positive feedback on the direction. At some point, the tongue is not always easy to loosen. When it gets complicated, yes, we talk about it with politicians and join the file.

“I went to the stadium a few times. There was negative feedback on the results, but not necessarily on the rest.”

Natalie Delatre, Vice President of the Senate

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In retrospect, do you regret giving positive feedback on the various acquisitions since 2018?

Don’t live in regret or regret. You need to consider how to proceed with the file to avoid judicial liquidation. I am practical and prefer to learn from it. But if that happens, many of us will be very vigilant afterwards.