“We need to get rid of the pressure,” Jo Maso advises.

Ukrainian color Stade de France and 1 euro per ticket donated to the French Foundation

Before playing against England tonight, the Stade de France will take on the Ukrainian color with a yellow and blue enclosure. The message is written in French, English and Ukrainian as “solidarit√© Ukraine” and a huge Ukrainian flag is also deployed.

In addition, according to our information, tonight’s match (competited in front of about 80,000 people) and a meeting with young English under the age of 20, one euro per ticket in Perpignan on Sunday will be donated to the French Foundation. increase. Help refugees.


Jo Maso about the importance of this game

Jomaso, a guest at Integrale Sports, who participated in the first Grand Slam in the history of the French XV in 1968, talks about the importance of this conference to English.

“They need to win the trophy. Twelve years later, we can get the Grand Slam. The Stade de France masses support us. Against Wales, we We played a defensively complex match, but the heart we can do for everyone (…) I say 25-15 for the French XV. “

Jo Maso about handling the match against England

Jomaso, a guest at Integrale Sports, who participated in the first Grand Slam in the history of the French XV in 1968, explains how players must manage this final match.

“We need to get rid of the pressure. It’s easier for current players. We need to approach the match quietly. They’re used to big matches. I hope Fabian and all the staff do the right thing. The match against England is always tricky. They will beat us. “

Jo Maso praises the new generation

Jo Maso, a guest of Integral Sports, participated in the first Grand Slam in the history of the French XV in 1968 and commented on the current generation.

“I think they are very well supervised, especially with Fabien Galthi√© and the coaches around him. They are very professional. So they don’t feel much pressure. This against the All Blacks Thanks to the victory, they have increased their confidence .. But be careful. English does not arrive as a tourist. I think we have a very good French team. This team Is ready to understand professionalism in all its rigor and its components. “

Jomaso talks about his first Grand Slam

A guest at Integrale Sports, a former player and general manager of Bruce Jo Maso, who participated in the first Grand Slam in the history of the French XV in 1968, said of this success:

“It’s a memorable memory. When I returned to Paris, I had a spectacular two-day celebration. I wasn’t under too much pressure because there wasn’t much media coverage. The team was upset. (…) 27 or 29 players won this first Grand Slam. Only 4 players started in 4 games. “

“We were relaxed. I didn’t really know I was going to play a Grand Slam match. Above all, it was another match.”

A tribute to the Aramble at the Stade de France

This is the sad news of the day in the rugby world. Federico Martin Aramble, a former Biarritz player in the 2000s, was killed last night, leaving a night facility in Paris.

Former Argentina national team Aramble was still a well-known figure in the French rugby world. Therefore, at the Stade de France, a bystander of the match between Bruce and England, I pay tribute to him this Saturday night. The video in his memory should be displayed on the screen of the stadium.


Laporte promises a “quick” decision about Gartier’s future

The president of FFR Bernard Laporte, a guest at the Grandes Gueules du Sport at RMC this Saturday, talked about the extension file for Fabien Galthié, who has a contract until the end of 2023.

“Of course, we’ll talk. We talked about the leader first. It’s clear that we’re talking. Before the tournament, he said he was gathering staff at Cassis to prepare. (…) I know if he’s a Fabian. Or the staff contacted by the club must give an answer. It’s very logical and ends in a year and a half. It’s their job. “, You have to accept it. Hmm. “I’ll do it well, but first of all, it gives you the possibility of an update easily. (…) If you need to bring someone back, it’s a coach. And he builds his team.”

Before the tournament, the idea was that if you got good results, it would be easy to extend. Good results there before the match against England. “I spoke to the team, players and staff yesterday. Laporte continued. I’m sure it will be decided soon. It’s clear.”

Bernard Laporte’s small effort on Eddie Jones

Hours after the French-England clash at the Six Nations Tournament, a guest of the Grandes Gueules du Sport at RMC this Saturday, the president of FFR Bernard Laporte replied to British coach Eddie Jones. Rose XV.

“I really know Eddie Jones,” he commented. They were trying to dismantle them. They lost the tournament, but began to prevent France from winning. He wants people to talk about him. He appreciates him. It makes you smile. Fabian’s answer is good. It is not this spirit that we say such things. “

“It’s all a topic, he insisted. Players know English and know that the game isn’t easy. At that time, we met English only during international matches. It’s over today. Players spend time in clubs where they meet everything. It makes me smile, but it’s over (to motivate) because I don’t use it in the changing room … When I was given my shirt, I wasn’t asked a word. Eddie Jones thinks they’ll probably make them unstable, and when the group was young, they were two years old, but today nothing is unstable. “”

Good morning everyone

Welcome to RMC Sport. Follow the pre-match live between France and England. Bruce will face the XV Dela Rose this Saturday night (9 pm) to win his first Grand Slam since 2010. All the information before the crunch is here.