What does aerobic exercise do?

Aerobic exercise is essential during a cut or simply to burn calories. However, there are many ways to do aerobic exercise. So what is the best aerobic exercise to optimize calorie loss?

For this list of the best aerobic exercises to do to burn calories, most exercises do not require you to register in the gym. These are simple exercises for practicing without equipment.

The perfect exercise to burn calories: running

Let’s start with the basics of running to burn calories. In this exercise I need motivation to keep up.. On average, traditional running, or long-term aerobic exercise at a semi-sustainable pace, consumes 750-1000 calories per hour. Then everything depends on rhythm, root and duration.

Sprint, demanding but resulting vector

This variant of running can appeal to an audience who is not a fan of aerobic exercise, especially over time. in fact, Sequential sprints burn a lot of calories.. Much shorter sprints than running can be practiced with 20 seconds of intense running followed by 40 seconds of rest / walking. Everything is repeated for 15 minutes.

If you’re more adventurous or experienced, you can consider intense aerobic training based on repeated sprints, but this time around. In 30’/ 30′ formatThat is, 30 seconds of acceleration (very fast pace), then 30 seconds of active recovery (light pace). Of course, it’s easy to see that this type of exercise is very difficult to perform from a cardiovascular point of view for most inexperienced people. Therefore, to burn calories first, it is advisable to maintain the 20’/ 40′ format.

Mountain Climber: Very interesting to burn calories

Also, a mountain climber that is a variant of running. This exercise Climb high-strength stairs.. A good compromise with the first two exercises described above. However, the procedure must be available. Doing this exercise for more than 20 minutes can burn nearly 800 calories. After that, it depends on the pace, the height of the steps, and the duration of the practice.

Burn calories directly at home

For this category, these are only exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment. If you have a free-use exercise bike, that practice is great for burning calories. But there are other options.

Skipping rope that burns calories
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An ideal accessory for burning calories, skipping rope

This is one of the most rewarding, if not the most calorie-burning, aerobic exercises of all the exercises referenced here. Skipping rope is really the ultimate aerobic exercise. One hour skip can burn over 1000 calories.. As with any exercise, it also depends on the frequency and duration of the jumps. Skipping rope is ideal if you are exercising at home and living in an apartment, except for your neighbors downstairs.

Burpee, very energy intensive

Burpees, which are always viable at home, are not only good for building muscle, but also a very good aerobic exercise. Indeed, push-ups and jumps allow you to control both your upper and lower body. Very intensiveBurpees can be incorporated into home exercise programs and aerobic exercises, for example, at the end of gym training.

Exercises that require infrastructure

Finally, the last category on this list: exercises that unfortunately can’t be done at home. These are sports practiced in clubs that promote aerobic exercise with the goal of constantly burning calories.

Burn calories for swimming
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Club aerobic exercise: swimming example

Of all the sports in the club, swimming is arguably the most calorie-burning sport. By moving the whole body, swimming does not damage muscles, tendons or joints. It is one of the healthiest sports for our body. One hour of swimming burns about 1000 calories.. However, it requires a specific rhythm. Doing three times an hour is not enough to burn fat. Again, like in sports like cycling, distance traveled and length of exercise make a difference.

Rowing machine that burns calories in the gym

It is also possible to install a rowing machine at home, like an exercise bike. However, it is very bulky and in some cases very expensive, so it is not accessible to everyone.Fortunately, this machine is usually found At most gyms.. This exercise involves moving your entire body from your arms to your back until you end up with your legs. This is the perfect aerobic exercise to do at the end of a session, for example, to burn calories and finally stimulate muscle tissue again.