What exactly does this change with a trip to Asia?

Russia has just banned airlines from 36 countries from flying over its territory. If a particular connection between Europe and the east is interrupted, other connections will be maintained for extended travel times.

Some Asian countries are finally open to tourists thanks to the boom, but the war in Ukraine is disrupting the aerial connection between Europe and Asia. The European Union and Canada have closed airspace to Russian planes. In retaliation for these sanctions, Russia has banned airlines from 36 countries.

Detouring Russian territory inevitably results in longer flight times, and some companies, such as Finnair, have decided to suspend services to China and Japan while waiting for the definition of a new route. It also penalizes travelers departing for New Caledonia or French Polynesia. This is because travel generally involves a stopover in Asia. On the other hand, while direct connections between France and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and India are maintained, flights are expected to last longer than expected.

Air France will only suspend flights to China, South Korea and Japan

Air France Initially, on February 27, 2022, we announced our intention to suspend flights to and from China, South Korea and Japan.Time to consider flight planning options to avoid Russian airspaceFinally, at noon on Monday, February 28, the company announced that connections between Paris and Beijing and Seoul and Tokyo would continue to be provided by taking a further south route. “”Changing routes can increase flight times and change schedules.Affected customers will be notified individually“Remember the Air France website. Flights to Bangkok or Phuket in Thailand will be maintained.

With Finnair, there are no more shortcuts via Siberia

Stopping the sky over Russia is punished Finnair .. Among the only companies allowed to fly over Siberia, Finnish companies can no longer take the fastest route between Europe and Asia. Therefore, we will suspend connections with Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Shanghai and Guangzhou until March 6, 2022.Bypassing Russian territory dramatically increases flight times to Asia, making passenger and freight transportation economically feasible or uncompetitive.Finnair boss Topi Manner said in a statement. Nevertheless, the company connects Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore and Delhi to Helsinki and continues to connect Bangkok and Phuket from Stockholm Arlanda. Therefore, French travelers do not have to cancel their vacation.

Longer flight time than expected

Without pausing the link Cathay PacificIs not affected by the flight ban over Russia, so some flights will take longer to travel. “”We are currently avoiding all Ukrainian airspace and have an emergency response plan to avoid Russian airspace. These include several different southern routes that may add up to 90 minutes of non-stop fuel flight time for the aircraft we use.“, Figaro Hong Kong company. Please note that there are currently no flights between Paris and Hong Kong, and French are prohibited from entering the territory, including transit, for health reasons.

How about a Gulf company?

Same answer Qatar Airways, Emirates where Etihad Airways : These companies do not fly over Russian airspace, so nothing changes. All the popular destinations for French people such as Thailand, Maldives, New Delhi, India are offered … and at very favorable prices.

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