What has changed since Monday

Vaccination Pass: What has changed since Monday

[PASS VACCINAL] The end of the vaccination pass is not predicted in the near future. However, the government lifted health restrictions this Monday, February 28th.

[Mise à jour du lundi 28 février 2022 à 08h05] Are you longing for the end of your vaccination pass? I need to wait a little longer. According to what I heard in the Senate Information Mission on Vaccination Passes last week, the Minister of Health adjusted the end of the vaccination pass to the development of health, especially hospital pressure. “We’ll need 1,500 patients in the intensive care unit (…)” to get rid of the vaccine pass, he claims, “at a level that can be reached within a couple of weeks, but this Monday. Plan something new to 28, since February 28, Masks are no longer required in closed areas covered by vaccination passes (Bars, restaurants, museums, cinemas …).But be careful This measure is not related to transportation (including trains and planes), Also subject to vaccination passes and masks. After February 2nd, wearing a mask outdoors is no longer mandatory. After February 16thCatering on the TGV and Intercités has resumed. It is also allowed to stand in the bar and consume.. The nightclub was allowed to reopen. Access is subject to the presentation of a vaccination pass.

From February 15th, a new deadline for booster immunization has been enforced. French have now Four months Compared to the previous 7 months since the last injection. This measure is concerned Old man 18 years old and overRecall that it is not mandatory for young people between the ages of 16 and 18. Children between the ages of 12 and 15 are not eligible for the vaccination pass. If you do not call back within the permitted time, His pass is invalid. When the booster dose is taken, the new vaccination path will be resumed and will take effect 7 days after injection.

How long is a vaccination pass required? What is the end date?

The Prime Minister has specified that the pass can be lifted if the epidemic diminishes. Do passing vaccinations quickly become a bad memory? A spokesman pointed out that the government believes that improving health has a “reason for hope” that “the vaccination pass can be lifted from the end of March to the beginning of April.” Gabriel Atal. “Frankly, we are there,” he emphasized, implying a reduction in pollution. “There is reason to expect that by this time the situation will be well improved and we will be able to lift the final steps,” he added. “We have always said that these measures will be lifted as soon as health conditions allow.”

Health Minister Olivier Véran, a guest on BFMTV on February 2, said “the worst is behind us” regarding the fifth wave of the coronavirus epidemic. “The vaccine pass has ended, and given the current epidemic dynamics, this end could be well before July, unless there is bad news,” the Minister of Health emphasized. The only condition required to lift the vaccination pass that came into effect on January 24 is a reduction in hospital pressure. “When we empty the intensive care unit and make room for patients who are usually in resuscitation, when there are no more rescheduled treatments in our country, and at that point in circulation. In the absence of new variants, the number of usefulness vaccination passes would be completely doubtful, and we can withdraw it, “he said.

What dates should I remember about my health pass?

The vaccination pass took place on Monday, January 24th. To be on the safe side, the government initially expected effective implementation on January 15. However, the deadline was postponed and parliamentary debate was slowed down by opponents. The Left also planned two different appeals against the Constitutional Council to ensure respect for “basic freedom” and postponed the promulgation of the text for several days. The vaccination pass is relevant for all French people over the age of 16. For minors between the ages of 12 and 15, the health pass (covid test negative, complete immunity certificate, or recovery certificate) remains valid and access to various activities (bars, restaurants, cinemas, etc.) need to do it. Are you wondering about the effective date of your vaccination pass? Be careful. From February 15th, the deadline for booster immunization will be shortened (please read below). After this time, you run the risk of losing the benefits of your health pass.

Airplanes, leisure … What are the activities covered by the vaccination pass?

All facilities previously associated with the Health Pass are now covered by the Vaccination Pass.

  • hobby
  • Restaurants and bars except group catering
  • Trade fairs, seminars, trade fairs
  • Department stores and malls
  • Public transportation between regions (airplanes, trains, coaches), excluding “unavoidable family and health reasons”.

Employees working in the above areas must have a vaccination pass. Some exceptions are provided for travel, especially for unavoidable reasons. In that case, a simple sanitary pass will suffice. Only medical facilities and services can be accessed with a single negative test.

How to activate a vaccination pass with Ameli?

After each injection, everyone must receive a certified certificate in paper form from a medical professional. This same document can be downloaded from the attestation-vaccin.ameli.fr website by logging in via France connect (for example, using your taxpayer number).You don’t have There are no steps to convert a health pass to a vaccination pass.. The QR code and certificate are still valid. “People who have been vaccinated and are up to date can automatically convert their health pass to a vaccination pass. Nothing needs to be done,” Olivier Véran confirmed with LCI’s microphone. “Their daily lives haven’t changed at all.”

Note: Since the beginning of February, the Tous AntiCovid application has allowed access to “Pass +”. This is a vaccination pass that is only valid for 24 hours and is relevant to those who have been vaccinated once and tested negative. “This derogatory system is effective 28 days before the first and second injections,” Twitter explains. “Application updates will appear on all smartphones this week. Don’t forget to update to benefit from it.”

Can I request a vaccination pass as part of my job?

Not all French companies require a vaccination pass. On the other hand, employees previously eligible for a health pass (restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas, etc.) must present a valid vaccination pass to continue their professional activities. Don’t panic, the text of the law stipulates that “a proof of commitment to a vaccination plan deserves a proof of vaccination status.”

How will my company’s vaccination pass change?

In addition to implementing vaccination passes, the text of the law enacts other provisions to combat fraud. Managers of locations and activities covered by the vaccination pass can verify the pass and, if necessary, the identity of the owner of the pass. “The person who gave it to the document presented. Present.” Lack of control in publicly available facilities will result in a fine of € 1,000 from the first violation.
Presenting a vaccination pass owned by another person will result in a fixed fine of € 1,000 for the current € 135.

Possession of a false pass will be punished with a five-year imprisonment and a fine of € 75,000. Companies that do not play telework games may be fined up to € 500 and up to € 50,000 per employee.