What is ski mountaineering, an area that can bring a lot of money to France at the 2026 Olympics?

Frein (Haute-Savoie) will host the World Cup finals in this area. The tournament has been fully expanded for two years with the closure of the resort. discover.

Frein Special Envoy

How is mountain skiing done?

Ski climbing or off-competition ski touring consists of traveling on mountain or alpine routes, using skis with movable bindings (for uphill skis) that allow you to hang on the slopes. Tie. These skis are similar to alpine skis and are wider than cross-country skis.

A cousin of ski climbing and ski touring, it adds a competitive dimension. Christoph Angot, FFME

Boom thanks to Covid and timely discipline

Ski climbing was long reserved for stubborn “mountain dwellers” before it was opened to a wide audience in the 1980s. It is estimated that about 85,000 people are skiing in France. This is a sport under the control of the French Mountaineering Federation, not the French Ski Association. This number has grown rapidly over the last two years. The resort is closed due to the Covid epidemic, and French people trying to escape can learn about this highly free sport as it takes place outside the alpine ski areas, far from the bottled rows of ski lifts. I did. Mountaineering has the advantage of being very trendy as there is no need to build heavy infrastructure within the resort. A new aspect of winter sports, softer and more environmentally friendly.

Reconnaissance of the pre-race course starting on Wednesday. Christoph Angot, FFME

3 types of competition events

This high level sporting practice can be divided into three types of races with very different formats and requirements.

Sprint: It’s the most spectacular event as it lasts just over 3 minutes. As the name implies, it hurries up and down and skis on your feet or your back. The final will be held after qualifying.

Vertical Race: It’s a bit like middle-distance running in athletics, climbing skis at positive altitudes between 500 and 1000 meters.

Individual Classic: The most prestigious event due to the technically most demanding. This includes at least three ascending and descending, and altitude can be close to 2,000 meters. Skiing can be too steep, so athletes should expect to climb up and down, take off, and carry skis on their backs. Winding through the woods on a ridge in the air, everything in a magnificent setting. In general, breathe in a treat and fresh air, even when you’re behind a small screen.

Steps are one of the difficulties of sprint events. Christoph Angot, FFME

Sports of the 2026 Winter Olympics with five Olympic titles at stake

The good news fell in July 2021. At the request of the organizers, ski climbing has been integrated into the program for the next Olympic Games in 2026 in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Milan, Italy, but there is no guarantee of renewal. A few years later. In Italy, 48 athletes compete for 5 Olympic titles and therefore 15 medals are bet. Sprints, individual races for women and men, and mixed relays.

Fatigue after crossing the finish line. A classic image of the end of a mountaineering mountaineering event. Christoph Angot, FFME

France is also good for the formidable Italians

It is not surprising that Italy is incorporating this area into the Olympics. Transalpine is the best specialist in this very European sport. Not only some major countries like Switzerland, but also France, as well as Spain and Germany, are giving the answer to the formidable transalpin. Bruce ranks several “stars” in the field. Emily Harop, Axel Gachette Morale, and her husband Xavier Gachette have won 12 medals (9 in gold) at this season’s World Cup (6 stages). Don’t forget last season’s revelation, Tibaud Anselmet. It looks promising for the Olympics in less than four years.

Alpine hunter, talent supplier

Ski touring is clearly one of the areas of strength of mountain troops, competing for decades, especially with Italians, at national and international competitions. 27When The Alpin Chasseurs Battalion, part of which has been dispatched to Romania, will help host the World Cup finals in Frein this week. Emily Harop and Tibaud Anselmet (see above) are also members of the Army of Champions, an independent structure of the army that allows top athletes to train while being integrated into a corps or police station.