What is the average rent in a major French city?

Housing is a major spending item for French households, far ahead of food, leisure and transportation. According to the latest figures from INSEE, it accounted for 26% of the budget in 2018. This is an increase of 15% since 2000. Purchasing power is a major concern for French people in this presidential election, but franceinfo looked at the prices of unfurnished rentals by comparing rents in French towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

To this end, we relied on a real estate ad published on the SeLoger.com site in January 2022 (our methodology is detailed at the end of this article). You can select the number of rooms in your accommodation from the drop-down menu below. Send you to a map that corresponds to this type of real estate. You can find the average price and size of municipal housing for the number of rooms you have selected by clicking on the map or searching for a city with the search engine in the upper left.

1 room: rent less than 450 euros in most cities

Not surprisingly, the highest rent for a one-room apartment is in Paris. You have to pay an average of 857 euros a month for a 25 square meter apartment. The podium will be completed by two towns in the Paris region, Boulogne Beyancourt and Montreuil. Outside of Ile de France, Nice is the most expensive city, with average rents for one-bedroom apartments rising to € 576.

Conversely, Saint-Etienne is the city under study, with the cheapest property with only one room, with an average rent of € 319. It is also the place with the largest accommodation offered (29 square meters on average). Limoges, Perpignan, Neem and Clermont-Ferrand have completed the top five and the average price of all these municipalities is below € 385.

In general, the most populous cities are also the ones where one-room apartments are the most expensive. All of France’s 10 largest cities are some of the top 15 of the 34 most expensive municipalities analyzed.

Two pieces: a small Parisian crown over 800 euros

Like a one-room apartment, Paris is France’s most expensive city to rent a two-room apartment. The average price of an ad is 42 m2 for accommodation and costs € 1,292 per month in the capital. Boulogne Biancourt, Montreuil and Saint-Denis are three cities in the Paris region with an average rent of over € 800.

In other parts of France, Annecy is the most expensive city to rent a two-room apartment, as you have to pay an average of 787 euros a month. However, the T2 offered in the Haute-Savoie commune is slightly larger than other French cities, slightly below 43 m2 in other cities, while averaging 46 m2.

Again, Saint-Etienne is the cheapest city to rent a two-room apartment in a municipality with more than 100,000 inhabitants. The average cost of this type of accommodation is 430 euros and the average property is 47m2. In Le Mans, Limoges, Brest and Perpignan, the average rent for a two-room apartment is less than € 500 per month.

3 rooms: over 2,000 euros per month in Paris

Logically, a lesson about a three-room apartment is almost the same as a lesson about a two-room apartment. Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt and Montreuil are the three most expensive cities in France, with average rents of over € 1200. Annecy continues to be the city with the highest rents outside of Ile de France, with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

In addition, the larger the accommodation, the greater the price difference between Paris and the suburban towns. The average price of a three-room apartment is € 1,080 in Sandoni, which is almost half of the € 2,013 displayed in the capital while the two cities are adjacent. However, the houses in Paris are a bit larger, averaging 68m2 compared to 63m2 in Saint-Denis.

Again, the average price of an ad for a three-room apartment is € 534, so it’s likely that Saint-Etienne is the most affordable city for 100,000 residents. The second cheapest city is Limoges, where the average rent for three rooms is 618 euros. The average cost of this type of accommodation remains less than € 650 per month in Le Mans, Perpignan and Mulhouse.

4 rooms or more: 5 cities over 1,400 euros

For homes with 4 or more rooms, it is especially important to check the average size of the property before giving a price lesson, as there are significant differences between cities. The average size of the T4 varies between 84m2 in Toulon and 114m2 in Paris.

The capital is the most expensive municipality to stay in, by type of housing. Rents for apartments with 4 or more rooms average € 3,378 per month in the capital. Next are Boulogne-Billancourt and Nice. The city of Alpes Maritimes has a surface area of ​​94 m2 and an average rent of € 1,534. Lyon (1,528 euros) and Nantes (1,458 euros) complete the top five.

Rent is still the cheapest in Saint-Etienne to rent at least 4 rooms in a city with a population of 100,000 or more. On average, the price shown is 733 euros and the size is 98m2. In Perpignan, Limoges, Brest and Le Havre, the average rent for accommodations with four or more rooms is less than € 900, and the average size of these four cities varies between 91m2 and 97m2.

The data used for the map was taken from France’s real estate advertising site SeLoger.com, one of LeBonCoin’s leading real estate leasing sites. They relate to all rental advertisements for unfurnished accommodation published on the site in January 2022 in a city with more than 100,000 inhabitants. The average will only be given if there are at least 30 ads corresponding to the number of selected rooms in the city.

This data, dated January, provides very recent information on the price and size of rents offered. However, SeLoger ads are not representative of the entire market. For example, there are few offers from individuals on the site, as they are only 20% of the properties offered. Then, even if this approach is less common in rentals than purchases, the prices shown may be negotiable.

Therefore, the numbers from these data are interesting indicators to get an accurate picture of the current state of the rental real estate market in big cities, but nonetheless, they are not exhaustive and should be interpreted as close to the euro. Not.