What is the future of Taubira without 500 sponsors?

February 27, 2022 1:25 pm

You don’t need to start the tap number when the death bell rings. Christiane Taubila was convinced she wouldn’t reach the 500 sponsors of the elected civil servants by Friday, the deadline for submitting signatures, and socialists finally found a reason for their satisfaction with the campaign. “We, sponsorship, that’s the only problem we don’t have, Someone near Hidalgo smiled. But for Taubila, it’s over, it’s dead. The subject is how she withdraws, and what she says. »»

Today, the original seal keeper has only 128 sponsors. “At this stage, it’s amazing that we have them.”, I agree with one of his relatives.Jean-Luc Melenchon himself “Wise turtle”Slowly but surely moving forward, Taubila fell like a meteorite at the end of December and wanted to take everything his way … failed. To the point where questions arise today: what will be the outcome of future ex-candidates?

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“Our energy is focused on the campaign, so it’s not the discussion we started.”I swear his friend Christian Paul. “In any case, she will attend the presidential debate.”, Guarantee the relatives of the candidate. Therefore, it is far from the model of Arnaud Montebourg, who has been silent since he retired in mid-January. At Taubila’s aides, small music echoes in exactly the same way. “There is an idea of ​​imprinting legislative candidates around a particular political force.” Provides sufficient knowledge about the ecosystem.

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But until then, what does she do for the presidential election? “I don’t think she’s a big fan of the idea of ​​joining one or the other.”, Says one of his supporters. I can’t imagine the Hidalgo team expecting his support. Between the two, the campaign was too rough. And what does it mean to support a candidate who is rated at about 2% in polls? “This scenario doesn’t exist for a while”Slice the supporters of Taubila.Not long ago, Christian Paul blamed PS “Block sponsorship to prevent Taubila from marching.” “I don’t know the precedent on the left.”He thundered.

“She respects Melenchon more than others.”

The relationship with environmentalists is much better. Meetings and staff discussions at the City Hall in Lomain Building in early February prove that. However, the fact that the meeting was leaked to the press suggests that Taubira could join Yannick Jadot and suffered multiple burns. “This story didn’t help Greens get into the good grace of Taubira.”Beware of informed observers.

There remains a more discordant option, with the “wise turtle” crossing the “meteorite” path. “She will not join Melenchon, but by the end of March, she will be able to signal her favor. The familiar Taubila says. She respects him more than others. There is an unexpected bridge between the teams of Melenchon and Taubila. Rebellious MEP Younous Omarjee and Taubira’s campaign manager Axel Urgin are friends. »»“The chat channel never broke. Omarji explains. It would be much better if either one came to us, but there is no discussion or negotiation in this direction. »»

If Christiane Taubila gives up, the popular primary will find herself without a candidate. Will the organizer of this election refer to Jadot, who came second? ” number, Samuel Gujibowski, one of the promoters, answers. If she doesn’t go, we won’t fall back second. »» Like a few applications, it’s not necessarily a larger collection.