What is the reaction of Moscow and its allies after the Russian attack?

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, February 24, many countries have united to sanction armed roads. But is Russia therefore isolated? What do its historic or recent allies think of this conflict?

Some friendly countries have opted for military assistance, most of which are symbolic.Others have contacted and have not responded or hardly responded since the perception of independence Vladimir Putin’s Survey of Pro-Russian Separatist Regions, Monday, February 21st.

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on the other hand Belarus welcomes discuss Between Kyiv and Moscow, this Monday, February 28, franceinfo evaluates the various geometric attitudes of Russia’s allies.

Belarus, an active ally of attacks

Thousands of Russian soldiers were deployed in Belarus for weeks, even before Moscow began its invasion of Ukraine. “Exercise”.. Since Thursday, the country has served as a starting point for operations, especially for the attack on Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

The sanctions implemented against Russia have also spread to Belarus.Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces on Twitter In addition to 57 Belarusians being sanctioned on Saturday “Dozens of sanctions already imposed on the Alexander Lukashenko administration.”

The president, who has ruled Belarus with an iron fist for nearly 30 years, has come quite close to Vladimir Putin in recent months. The latter has provided him with support, especially financial support, since the massive protests that shook Belarus’ power in 2020, before it was suppressed.

On Sunday, a referendum was adopted. Due to constitutional amendment Moscow deploys nuclear weapons in Belarus “Nuclear Free Zone”.. middle of February, Alexander Lukashenko His country declared ready to welcome “Not only nuclear weapons, but super-nuclear weapons” In Case of “Intimidation”..

February 28th of this year, Belarus improvised himself as an intermediary in this dispute, which is nevertheless a stakeholder. DNegotiations began directly between Ukraine and Russia on the River Pripyat near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a territory of Belarus not far from the Ukrainian border.

North Korea and Syria, unwavering supporters

MeHe is the United States “Root cause” The crisis was estimated by the North Korean government on Friday, the day after the invasion of Ukraine. Washington “Military hegemony against legitimate demands on Russia’s security”Complete the message published on Saturday on the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

This declaration, signed in the name of the researcher, can be analyzed as an official reaction. “Inconspicuous” According to Pyongyang Park Won-gon, a professor of Korean studies at Ewha Womans University in Seoul (Korea), was interviewed by AFP.

North Korea is only supported by a few states, mainly China and Russia. Moscow has long opposed international pressure on North Korea over its weapons program and has even called for easing sanctions on the country.

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Syria was historically linked to the Soviet Union until 1991, after which it was linked to Russia by military agreement, but it is clearly leaning towards the Russian side.Syrian President Bashar al-Assad invades Ukraine on Friday “Edit history” In a Facebook post. Since 2015 Russia, which has two military bases in Syria, will intervene militarily to support Bashar al-Assad against rebels and jihadists. More than 63,000 Russian soldiers fought in Syria.

Venezuela, a constant ally of South America

“Venezuela is with Putin”, Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday before the invasion of Ukraine. The president recalled that the country is already supporting Russia.his His predecessor and mentor, Hugo Chavez (1999-2013), granted South Ossetia’s independence in 2008 during a conflict with Georgia.

Although Nicolas Maduro himself benefited from Russia’s support, his controversial reelection in 2018 was not recognized by parts of the international community, especially the United States trying to drive him out of power.

Venezuela “Russia’s Strategic Partner”.. Prior to the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Russia’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergei Ryabkov did not rule out Russia’s military deployments in Venezuela and Cuba.

Cuba and Iran, supporters of “war is not the solution”

Some Russian-friendly countries refuse to condemn or sanction the attack on Ukraine, but demand the suspension of military operations.Therefore, Iran estimated on Thursday as follows: “War was not the solution”, under consideration The final expansion of NATO as “Serious threat”..

This is also the case with Cuba, Russia’s traditional ally, which has sought to end the conflict. “By peaceful means” In the middle of Condemns the resolution submitted to the UN Security Council on Friday “Aggression” Ukraine’s Russia where Moscow has vetoed. JJust before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine broke out, Cuba had already called for the United States and NATO to respond. “A grounded claim to security assurance” Given what it had, Russian “Self-defense right“.

Modest friend, China

China stands at the top of diplomacy in Ukrainian files. Several Chinese state-owned banks have been reported by authorities since the invasion restricted funding for goods purchases in Russia. Bloomberg Saturday (Paid articles in English)..Chinese financial institutions take sanctions compliance seriously, he says. Ben Kostrzewa, a legal consultant in Hong Kong, Bloomberg: “They don’t want to be sanctioned on their own, so they can’t lose access to US dollar trading.”

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However, since Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014 and subsequently sanctioned the West, China and Russia have strengthened their ties considerably. At the beginning of February,During his visit to Beijing during the Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an important agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The two countries have strengthened cooperation, especially in the financial sector and gas supply.MeChina is one of the major buyers Russian gas and oil.

“So far, there is a partnership between Russia and China. But there is absolutely no military alliance. “Emphasize researchers Anna Colin LebedevInterview by Brut. “Therefore, to this day, there is no reason for China to intervene in this armed conflict, which is very far from the border.”

Gulf countries, be careful above all

In the past, the wealthy Gulf monarchy, long protected by the United States, would not have hesitated to line up behind Ukrainian defenders. But today, with increased ties with Russia in terms of energy, finance and security, they are finding a new balance. The United Arab Emirates also abstained during a vote at the United Nations Security Council on Friday in a resolution co-authored by the United States calling on Moscow to withdraw troops from Ukraine. On their side, Kuwait and Qatar remained very cautious and refused to condemn the attacks by Russian troops. As for Saudi Arabia, it was preferred not to speak officially.