What is this Russian nuclear missile, Satan 2, reminiscent of the devastating “Tsar Bomba”?

More than 60 years ago, Russia dropped Tsar Bomba in Siberia. This is the most powerful thermonuclear bomb that humanity has ever made. Today, due to the war in Ukraine and the instability of Vladimir Putin, the Russian armory is worried about Westerners. “Satan 2” missiles that could level a country like France are under close scrutiny.

Vladimir Putin activated “Russian deterrence in special combat alerts” on Sunday, February 27.Behind this term is the reality Nuclear threat Westerners are afraid. The escalation already mentioned by Jean-Yves Le Drian last week reminded Vladimir Putin that NATO also has nuclear weapons.

Them threat Mutual Rush humanity into the worst moments war ColdYou can annihilate two blocks at any time by relying on nuclear weapons. Today, two military superpowers own 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons. Russia’s nuclear warheads are estimated at 6,000 and in the United States at 5,500.

But while the status quo is still predominant and mere arousal of deterrence is sufficient, history reminds us of Russia. I got a weapon of mass destructionmany Powerful Never made by a person: Emperor Bomba..

Bomb of all records

The recently declassified image of “Tsar Bomba” is horrifying. the October 30, 1961Soviet Union designs a bomb in the midst of the Cold War 50 megatons.. By the way, the yield of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima City in Japan was about 15 kilotons, which was less than 3,125 kilotons.

Although it is a secret, “Emperor Bomba“Detected by the United States in an explosion in the archipelago with the upper atmosphere new――――Zamble In the Arctic More than 1000 km away..

explosion Destroyed all of that pathOn 50 kg or more And I felt the heat of the explosion 300km from Ground Zero, The point of influence. The power of the Tsar Bomba was initially thought to weigh 100 megatons, but the Russians decided to reduce it in Khrushchev’s words to “do not break all the mirrors of Moscow.” The shock waves and atmospheric turbulence that followed the Tsar Bomba explosion orbited the Earth three times. Unimaginably impressive data, its destructive power is unmatched.

The bomb was very complicated to use and transport, but then Abandoned By Russian..

Satan 2, a new threat

But the story of Tsar Bomba resonates with today Nuclear missile Russians who can destroy the whole country. the RS-28 SarmatRenamed to NATO “Satan 2 “, Tsar Bomba’s younger brother.This missile Ballistic Intercontinental Hundred tons is the most formidable weapon in the Russian arsenal.Its black cylinder of about 30 meters can be embarked Almost 12 nuclear warheads See 10,000 km.

A weapon of mass destruction that has been in operation since 2020, described by Russian news agency TASS as “invincible,” according to Russian military officials.

In addition to the unparalleled power of today, long-range missiles Stealth system can pull the wool over eyes the Automatic speed camera enemy To make it invisible.Therefore, “Satan 2” has no problem. Reach all major European cities There are also cities on the west coast of the United States, thanks to its “fractional orbital bombing” system.

Technology that sends missiles into orbit before dropping them to the ground and avoids the complete rotation of the earth. This is currently prohibited by the Outer Space Treaty. According to Putin, the missile will be able to pass through Antarctica and evade current defenses. Currently, it is the most powerful missile in the world.

Worst crisis since “Cuba 1962”

With Vladimir Putin’s announcement to order a “warning of nuclear deterrence,” US expert Kolantan Zelin, an associate professor of history, said we were “now, perhaps. Cuba in the worst global geopolitical crisis since 1962.. “