What measures are there to reduce the instability of education contracts?

Answer from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: Over the past two years, the overall activities of leisure receptions and holiday stays have been compromised by the health crisis, limiting the educational and psychological benefits of stays and paralyzing the resulting economic and tourism sector.

From the beginning of the crisis, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MENJS) has taken steps tailored to the peculiarities of those involved in activities in this area. Raising the salary of facilitators is within the capabilities of the employer, whether they belong to the territorial public services (local government), the coalition sector, or the commercial sector. ..

Recognizing the difficulties associated with recruitment and salary conditions, respectively, employers and facilitators took some exceptional financial measures in 2020 and 2021 to support the socio-cultural sector.

Thus, the organizers of the mass acceptance of minors benefited from an exceptional state aid of € 30 million to continue operations during the summer of 2020. In addition, the Government and the National Family Allowance Fund (CNAF) have launched a plan to restore the plan to € 122 million over the period 2020/2022 for local governments and host associations on Wednesday.

Various measures have been taken, including investment funding, government and education engineering assistance, increased normal social interests (PSOs), and the latter targeting poor municipalities. All of this assistance is of high quality, supervised by an animation team whose host organizers have expanded their reception capabilities, especially on Wednesdays, especially in terms of educational resources, supervision and facilities, trained and working in good condition. Helps to provide educational offers.

With regard to holiday stays, the Covid-19-related health crisis has hampered the smooth operation of most of the holiday center’s activities in 2020 and 2021 and the collective acceptance of minors.

With these difficulties in mind, MENJS set up the “Learning Colos” system, introduced it for the first time in 2020 and updated it during the summer and fall 2021 vacations. In 2021, according to the first factors revealed in the current assessment, more than 80,000 children are benefiting from this system, labeling their stays working to enhance learning and respect for accurate specifications. Is possible.

In addition, associations that often have fragile cash benefited from an emergency fund in 2021. The first version of the Emergency Fund was online in November / December 2020 and has supported nearly 600 associations organizing stays. Considering the sustainability of the crisis, the second edition of the Koros Foundation was implemented in the spring of 2021 with an extension of the eligibility criteria. Supports nearly 900 structures.

20,000 trainees with a certificate of aptitude for facilitator function (BAFA) will support them at the end of the training and encourage them to get a job immediately with a support of € 200 in 2022. Also note that. As soon as this summer comes.

Finally, the Animated Foundation set by the Secretary of State for Youth and the Minister of Youth and Sports of Education in charge of commitment has made it possible to deepen the subject of reassessment of education commitment contracts (CEE).

As announced on February 22, 2022, guaranteeing the compensation of volunteer facilitators and strengthening their commitment will be a priority in the coming months. The flexibility of this contract needs to be maintained, but the minimum compensation seems to be inadequate. Sector Commissions are required to significantly raise the statutory minimum remuneration and define a trajectory for withholding this contract solely for the collective acceptance of accommodation-equipped minors.