What we know about “Kadyrovtsy”, these Chechen militias are famous for violence

Chechnya, a member of the Russian Federation, has announced that it has dispatched 12,000 troops as part of the Russian invasion. In Ukraine, the people are afraid of abuse.

Every day in Moscow on February 25, the day after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began Novaya Gazeta I am sharing a video shot in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. We see thousands of soldiers gathered against Ramzan Kadyrov, the authoritarian leader of the republic, which has a majority of Muslims in the Caucasus, a member of the Russian Federation.

In this video, Kadyrov, known for his allegiance to Putin, announces that he has deployed thousands of soldiers (called Kadyrovtsy because of his loyalty to his leaders) on the Ukrainian front. “I would like to advise the future former President of Ukraine Zelensky. He must call our President Vladimir Putin and ask for an apology,” he declared in front of the soldiers involved in the turmoil. do.

Bloodthirsty reputation

“Because Chechnya is a republic belonging to the Russian Federation, they are part of Russia’s internal security forces. Their presence as agents is probably horrifying and is about to have a psychological impact on the opposition Ukrainian troops.” BFMTV Wassim Nasr, a journalist specializing in the Jihadist movement.

Kadyrovtsy was accused of torturing and executing gay citizens because of his reputation as a bloodthirsty mercenary and the cause of numerous ill-treatment in Chechnya. But men should not be assimilated into jihadists.As reported, their fight against rebels in Dagestan, an area that provides a large delegation of soldiers to the Islamic State, makes them apostates in the eyes of terrorist movements. Le Figaro..

The reputation of his subordinates, skillfully maintained by the Kremlin, seems to be causing fear among some Ukrainians anyway. In any case, this is what Alice, a young Franco-Ukrainian, met in Kyiv by the BFMTV team.

“I’m leaving. The Chechens are coming. I’m afraid of them because they know they can come and rape us and cut us down. They don’t care.” She explained when she tried to escape from the capital.

Identified in several combat zones

“The Chechens have a reputation as barbarians, which in a sense” send people who are acting well and trying to hurt their throat, “” further analyzes BFMTV defense consultant Jérôme Pellistrandi. “Kadyrov is bloodthirsty,” historian Jean-Francois Colossimo is abundant in his part.

Their existence has been confirmed in several places so far. Near the area of ​​the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Odessa, north of the capital Kyiv.

In a telegram on Tuesday, Ramzan Kadyrov announced that two people were killed and six were injured.

“Unfortunately, there are already losses among the indigenous peoples of the Chechen Republic. Two have died (God may forgive their sins) and six have been injured to varying degrees,” he said. I am writing.

What role should we play in future urban warfare?

This is not the first time these soldiers have been dispatched to fight with Russian soldiers. “They have always played a role in Russia’s foreign affairs. In Syria, they acted as military police,” explains Wassim Nasr.

But, according to journalists, a mission they should not exercise in Ukraine. In Islamic beliefs, these soldiers will find it difficult to establish themselves, primarily within a group of Christians.

Nevertheless, they can have a role to play in future urban warfare. “We can see that they present a unique insignia for the tactical distinction in combat. These are preparations for confronting the Ukrainians,” he maintains on BFMTV’s microphone.

In a video shared by one of their leaders, one of the things he presents as a Ukrainian military barracks is the latter, which is pleased to have robbed the enemy of a significant amount of weapons.

In another example, Chechen soldiers are praying in the middle of the woods near Chernobyl. A colleague of the same convoy is laughing loudly.

“Don’t run away, we want to end you”

In his telegram account, Chechen leader Kadyrov floods his account with a statement showing his unwavering support for Vladimir Putin. In response to Western sanctions, he threatened Prime Minister Boris Johnson with “admitting the lack of British tea.”

Before adopting a more threatening tone. On Instagram this morning, he shared a new video of the soldier. In a message to the Ukrainians: “Don’t run away, we want to end you.”