What we know about the killing of rugby player Federico Martin Aramble in Paris

Investigations are underway after the death of Federico Martin Aramble, who was shot dead on Saturday morning near Boulevard Saint-Germain in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. The prosecution has begun investigating the current offender of “murder.” She was handed over to a criminal force. Several individuals are being actively searched by police this Sunday.

We know a little more about the facts. Former Puma, who died in the careers of Biarritz, Perpignan and Dachshund at the age of 42, was in Paris to attend the final match of VI Nations between France and England. Originally from the Basque Country, he founded Esprit Basque, an event company specializing in travel for sporting events. He spent the night with former BO players, including his partner Sean Hegarty, from Friday to Saturday.

Tracked and shot in the middle of the street

After the festive night, the two men ate their last burger at the Le Mabillon cafe, not far from the famous “rue de la soif” in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. At that time, a quarrel occurred at a facility with another group. person’s. The situation at the beginning of alienation is still unknown. During this battle, Federico Martin Aramble would have pulled his hood in particular and overturned his individual. Security guard intervention was required to complete the exchange of blows and expel everyone.

Then Argentine rugby player and his ex-teammate headed to the hotel to find the ice. “There was a quarrel because it could be at the end of the evening. It was organized, but the man is back,” said AFP, another former Biarritz Orumpic player who was there and wanted to remain anonymous. I explained to. Here, a Jeep brand car stops near Federico Martin Aramble and a new battle begins. Argentines need to face two individuals. Another person fired from the vehicle, but did not touch the former rugby player at first. Another man then picks up the weapon, tracks Puma, and kills him in a few shots. The victim succumbed to his injury minutes later, despite the intervention of paramedics.

Members of GUD identified as the main suspect

Investigators would have identified the shooter even in the morning, especially with the help of video surveillance, thanks to numerous testimonies in this very busy district.according to point, He is a far-right activist, known to the police at a great disadvantage, and in other cases has already been charged with “worse violence.” This active member of the GUD (Groupe Union Défense), the far-right student union, is actively sought after. In some photos on his web, you can see him posing in a green military-style jeep.

RMC Sport has specified that another man and woman who drove the car are also being sought after by police. The killing of Federico Martin Aramble caused a great deal of turmoil, especially in the Basque Country. The Argentine leaves his wife and three children.