What we know the day after the tragedy of La Rubiere

At a press conference, Deputy Prosecutor Mons said terrorist trucks are currently unprivileged.

Earlier this Sunday, a car crashed into a group of people attending a carnival in Strée Blackney, Belgium. Six people have died and an investigation into the murder has begun. The results of blood tests performed on the two occupants of the vehicle need to be known on Monday.

Town near the French border

The drama took place in the town of Strépy-Bracney, a Belgian village adjacent to the town of La Louviere. Located about 30 minutes from the French border, the town is located in a former coal mining area.

Dozens of drunkards attacked

The facts happened very early on Sunday. 150 to 200 people gathered to participate in the carnival festival. The purpose was to gather other participants along the procession.

Traffic was banned in the town, but at 5:04 am a two-seater car rolled behind the line. Dozens of people were hit hard. Witnesses portrayed a scene of horror, with children in the crowd.

“She arrived very early and didn’t brake. She went on to embark on Gilles (the name given to the carnival participants, the editor’s note) 100 meters away,” said the Witness. I told RTBF Théo. “There were a lot of people on the ground.”

The car continued on the road for hundreds of meters after hitting a drinker, a Belgian newspaper reports. Night..

10 injured people with significant prognosis involved

Human damage is important. As Belgian police sources told BFMTV, six people were killed and ten were seriously injured. The other 26 drinkers were slightly injured.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew told the media, “It must have been a celebration day after a difficult time. It has changed to a mourning day.”

King Philip went there and visited the paramedics posted at the Strépy-Bracquegnies Gymnasium. “After this tragedy, Emmanuel Macron guaranteed his support and friendship to the Belgian Prime Minister.”

There were two men in the car, born in 1988 and 1990.

“The two arrested returned from the dancehall and dropped another shortly before the fact,” said Christian Henry, the prosecutor of the King of Mons.

They both lived in Larviere. Twenty-three are unknown to the police.

“Unprivileged” terrorist truck

“Although the facts have been identified as murder, we will see what the investigation reveals and whether they need to be recertified as manslaughter,” declared Christian Henry. But “nothing goes in the direction of radicalism or radicalism,” he continued.

Deputy prosecutor Damian Berheien agreed, indicating that the terrorist truck was “unprivileged.”

Immediately after the incident, rumors spread on the spot, indicating that the possibility of pursuit with police was the cause of the incident. Resolute denial from researchers has made it possible to rule out this hypothesis.

However, the conditions for the arrest of the two suspects remain unknown. Their house was searched. The results of their blood tests expected on Monday will “make it possible to say if they used the drug,” said Christian Henry.

Mélanie Vecchio, Jules Fresard, AFP