What you need to know about the five members elected by Indore and Sher

They were 41 candidates at the start line. 41 candidates for 5 parliamentary seats. After a long campaign, polls fell in the second round of the legislative election.. In Berry, we know the identities of the newly elected officials this Sunday. Blueberry France introduces five representatives of Andre and Cher who will attend parliament until 2027.

François Jolivet elected for the second term

François Jolivet finally tried his luck after maintaining a true and false suspension of his desire to represent himself. Here he has represented 56.02% of the votes and the first member of Indre for another five years.A logical continuation of the political career that has been built up over the years.. He was Senator Daniel Bernardet’s first parliamentary aide. At that time, Francois Jolivet was his right arm. But he continues his professional activities. He is the general manager of Indre’s OPAC and the director of the real estate group. He has accumulated 22 years of duties as Mayor of Sun Mall between 1995 and 2017.

When he was elected to represent Indore in 2017, he gave up the city hat. He was first a right-wing to dissident candidate before being nominated for La Republique en Marche. The reversal of the jacket, which is still regularly blamed by him. Five years of his first term, He is shown by taking a position on subjects such as inclusive writing, where he is a fierce enemy... He even drafts a bill banning its use in administrative documents.

Nicholas Folicie, one-third of his life in parliament

The second member of Indre and Nicolas Forissier is the story that follows.The only representative of the Les Républicains party who attended the second round of the year Started the sixth term as a member of parliament at the age of 61..He got 58.19% of the votes. The first dates back to 1993. There was only one absence between 2012 and 2017, when socialist Isabel Bruno won. Nicholas Folicie, who is also the mayor of La Shuttle from 1995 to 2017 without interruption, is very well established in the area.

He was credited for his desire to reconcile with the majority of the presidentWe wondered if he was going to be appointed to La Republique en Marche. However, Nicholas Folicier remained faithful to his Republican color, pretending to be a candidate for the rally. The opening probably explains that the fourth-placed candidate invested by Sophie Guerlain, the majority of the president, was eliminated in the first round.

Therefore, there are no updates to the second member of Indre.However Nicolas Forissier has established himself as a politician founded in a region for decades...In the profession of his faith he himself “We value experienced MPs, useful people, knowing the government, and those who govern us.”..

François Cormier-Bouligeon makes great strides towards Phase 2

The majority of the president holds the first member of Cher. With the same man: François Cormier-Bouligeon celebrating his 50th birthday this year.He got 57.14% of votes.. This Berruyer by birth first joined the Socialist PartyIn particular, as a parliamentary aide to PS Deputy Gaetangos for 10 years until 2008. He finally approached Emmanuel Macron and became Deputy Chief of Staff during his time as Minister of Economy and Finance... When Emmanuel Macron resigned in the summer of 2016 in preparation for the 2017 presidential election, Francois Colmier-Brigeon remained in the agency as an advisor to Patrick Cannell, Minister of Sports.

However, for the legislative election, Cormier-Bouligeon chose his camp. He ran for La Republique en Marche and was elected to the second round with just over 56% of the votes.He In particular, we are very enthusiastic about questions about sports activities that are available to the most people... The newspaper L’Équipe made him a potential candidate to win the Ministry of Sports before the Elizabeth Borne administration was established.they are Mobilized to fight the wrath of Sologne..

Nicholas Sans signs return to half-bicycle

The highly established Nicholas Sans in Cher’s Second District has not yet resisted the 2017 Macronist tsunami. The Communist Mayor of Vierzon since 2008 has been beaten by Modem Nadia Essayan. Five years later, the current lieutenant did not even pass the first round, and Nicholas Sans won the second round. 54.37% of the votesConfronts Christine Polly, a candidate for the National Union.

Nicholas Sans, who had already represented Cher between 2012 and 2017, has reopened... Communists are political personalities with a strong personality. His rant is heard and he defends his conviction by force. I am also in charge of hosting sports competitions such as this year’s Paris-Nice stage and the 2021 Summer Tour de France stage.

His political career began in 1992 as a parliamentary collaborator of the Communist Party group in the Senate... Then, in 1997, he became a parliamentary attaché for Junk Road Sandrie, who was a Communist Vice-Member of Cher until 2012. He was his successor at the time.

Leuk Kelvran, a distant macronist

And what if that was also the key to his re-election in Cher’s third constituency? At the end of 2020, Leuk Kelvran announced that he would be away from La Republique en Marche. He leaves the party that no longer shares a particular vision. Indeed, he is still the representative of the majority of the president, and he still calls himself a macronist.But this step aside, you may have played..

38-year-old Leuk Kelvran Berrichon dialect youngest member..He got 53.34% of the votes. He assumes that this freedom is not a member of the party. Since 2020, he has also served as political adviser to Orsne, a village of 250 people living in Sher. He wants to take that as a strength and make it a local mooring as close as possible to the concerns of residents and local communities.

He also defends his record: his commitment to health by installing an MRI at San Taman Montron Hospital. A struggle to improve mobility and transportation by securing a budget for the refurbishment of the railway line between Bourges and Montluçon or the repair of the line at Avord base.