“When a football club becomes a common good that must be saved at all costs”

GErard Lopez did not take the lead in the “Survival March”, a gathering of 3,000 people in Bordeaux on Saturday, July 9, hoping to save his football club, the Girondins. Unfortunately, with a feathered hat, he could have provided an impressive interpretation. Hamerin’s Pied PiperThe horror story of the Brothers Grimm.

Sporty demoted to League 2 and administratively demoted to 3 for the time beinge The club is on the verge of bankruptcy due to a division by the State Administration of Management (DNCG). At the behest of Ultra Marines, the main group of supporters, he received the support of many elected officials, including his supporters, former players, and Bordeaux Mayor Pierre Harmic.

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Gerard Lopez was very digging when purchased from the then-owner American investment fund King Street and the main creditor fortress, presumed to be the savior of the club a year ago. It’s close. In particular, the fate was suspended by an appeal filed with the French National Olympic Sports Commission (CNOSF).

“Too big to fail”?

However, Spanish and Luxembourg businessmen share responsibility and a big promise hobby with another American fund, King Street and GACP, which acquired the club in 2018. Their speculative strategy and inconsistent sports policy have already brought the Marines and whites are on the verge of collapse in less than three years.

The situation had to be really desperate for Gerard Lopez to act as a savior. A few months ago, in December 2020, he was dismissed from LOSC, in heavy debt and taken over by his creditors. May 31st, it is his other property, Excel Musklon (2)e The Belgian sector was bankrupt).

Gerard Lopez, an expert in mysterious financial arrangements, is also good at communicating. The greatest achievement was the unwavering support of Ultramarine, which has fought a fierce battle with his former shareholders until recently.

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Did he also succeed in rallying elected local officials? “Holy Union” Either way, they united them against the authorities: the Girondins would be too big to sink.Something like “Too big to fail” The whole of French football.

The pressure exerted is clearly political. “As soon as we learned of the DNCG decision, we contacted Sports Minister Ms.myself Oudéa-Castéra, nationalize files “Pierre Harmic team Saturday, July 9.. Nice in 2002 and the lens precedent in 2015 are arguing in this direction with happy outcomes.

More than a club

Not all local businesses facing difficulties will benefit from such mobilization. But as the mayor assures us: “We judge the entire ecosystem, not just one club, so there are political, social and territorial aspects. (…) The club is an important agent for the city. Sports organizations are not the only ones who determine the future of the territory. »»

Suddenly the soccer club is gone “Like any other business”This mantra of the 2000s led to selling the team to anyone. Therefore, the team may be managed anyway. It is once again in the public interest to have to save at all costs, including public funds.

Metropole has already resolved to diversify stadium debt and rent. This is the accounts receivable and rent that should be abandoned at the time of liquidation while recovering the cost of the stadium.Opposition city council member Fabian Robert (MoDem) even proposed to the local government “Lending or guaranteeing 14 million euros” Requested by DNCG.

We are pleased that the football club is recognized as a collective heritage. We must regret this happening when all that is left is to socialize the loss. It’s been a long time ago that the value of clubs and their heritage should be protected from adventurers and cynical or incompetent mutual funds.

This is not the direction of European football, which continues to be financialized without effective regulation. Many clubs, if not bankrupt, become assets separated from their local roots.

“Football doesn’t exist for businessmen and mutual funds, but behind it are young people with supporters, territories, identities and training centers.”, Thursday, dare Gerard Lopez.Not in performance at the press conference Hamerin’s Pied Piper.