When the crisis emphasizes agent skills

Turn the problem into an asset! This is what the Paris Youth Sports Department did during the health crisis. Taking advantage of the confusion of participants, we streamlined the opening of sports facilities to start a program of small tasks that would not normally be possible. In particular, it has innovated by mobilizing agents for non-daily missions to develop skills.

500 facilities are managed, 50 facilities are outsourced and the last 49 facilities need to be concessed. The sports park in Paris is huge. If you can program a large refurbishment, performing the small tasks required will be more difficult to plan. As part of a general maintenance plan, maintenance or refreshment work is included to improve the quality of use of the user’s facility and the quality of work of the agent: squeaky doors, dilapidated volleyball nets, Walls with tags to repaint, limits on sports fields to track, lighting for associative facilities to change, tiled clubhouses, etc. were all small prioritized tasks. With elected officials in the field of masonry, plumbing, electricity or floor covering laying. However, some interventions have also made it possible to develop skills with high technical value, which are usually outsourced to specialized companies. Hidden know-how gives agents the freedom to manipulate artistic expression, with original frescoes decorating nearby sports areas.

The legitimacy to provide is recognized

The second concern of this experiment was to involve agents. From lifeguards to managers, facilitators and contractors, 4000 agents are in service. If the stated objective was to improve the facility, the operation had the ambition to develop an innovative approach to mobilize skills above all else. Without questioning the hierarchical organization of services, the process enhances the action of agents in the labor and technology sector (all transactions), especially by allocating support functions (budget, research, engineering). It was configured with the services of the field team. “The legitimacy of the proposal, creation and implementation has been formally acknowledged,” summarizes Patrick Geoffray, Secretary of the Youth Sports Division. “They were able to develop their skills. This collaborative approach allows the 1,860 local agents involved to establish new relationships with the work environment and enhance user complaint attention. The report also highlights the pride among workers’ agents who were able to claim their true hidden skills and technical talent.

“The work of the agent was appreciated”

Patrick Jeffrey (75), General Director of Youth and Sports in Paris

“We have an important heritage and fight against time wasted, taking into account predictive use (7 am-11pm) with different audiences of individuals, schools, associations, or athletes. Maintaining good condition is essential. Competition. It was an opportunity. When activity resumed, users found a clean and refurbished facility. Agent jobs were strengthened and they were their skills. This created dynamic. Since then, they want to take advantage of school holidays to organize outdoor activities and adjust available timeframes to continue. The agent is proud of this job, recognized by users, the city’s financial services, and elected officials. Between the spring of 2020 and the spring of 2021, a credit relocation of € 1 million. If this work had not been done directly, this work would have cost the city much more. This operation also has a connection between the operation team and the district city hall. Made it possible to observe the enhancement. »»

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