“When the desire is no longer there, you have to know when to stop” … Multiple WBC World Champions Nordine Oubaali announce the end of his career

Sports Business Observatory-Nordine Oubaali reveals why he quit his boxing career.

Souad Soulimani has been a member of the Sports Business Observatory since 2016. He is the founder of MediaSpoliS, which specializes in the production of content dedicated to media education and women’s leadership, and the president of Radio Déclic, which speaks to the working-class neighborhood. About major social issues. The Sport Business Observatory is an In & Sport think tank and its mission is to provide analysis and decipherment of the evolution of sports, both economically and socially.

Why did you make this decision to end your career?
I have spent more than 20 years training to reach the highest level. And let’s go make my dream come true. I also lived in the ring for the athlete’s most beautiful memories, painful moments. I learned to write and tell my story. After becoming the WBC World Champion today and defending my title several times, I decided to wear gloves. Not to regret is a well thought out decision. Now that I know how to stay in the ring, I can confide my doubts and the obstacles I have experienced.

Tell us about your journey …
I had an eye accident in October 2018, just before I got a chance in the world. The doctor told me that I had diplopia and looking straight ahead and down caused a lot of discomfort. In fact, I had diplopia. During this accident, I thought I had to quit boxing right away. I did every possible test to see the consequences and risks for directly affected vision and long-term health. I was so enthusiastic about seizing the opportunity in my world and winning the belt that I wanted to go against medical advice and insist that I could box it. I knew my eyesight was diminished, but I couldn’t take this global opportunity out of my mind as a result of years of hard work and sacrifice. After some medical and expert opinion, finding the cause of the problem was still just as difficult. I was told that I could continue boxing, but I had to consider surgery. So I decided to temporarily box it with a degraded view. I carried this fatigue alone. Few people were informed about this handicap. I knew it, I agreed to take the risk. I had to do more difficult training to readjust my reflexes and learn to box in different fields of vision. I had to double my efforts to anticipate the blows, see them coming and dodge them as much as possible. Finding the right timing and responsiveness was very difficult, but I learned to deal with handicap and develop other high levels of quality.

Boxer and his belt Karim Foudil / Nino One

after that ?
I put all the opportunities on my side, seized the world opportunities offered to me in 2019, embraced the fight, and the WBC World Champion in the United States against boxers who are very technical and complex for boxers. became. Immediately after this victory over Warren, I had to undergo surgery in Paris hoping that my diplopia would disappear and my integrated vision could be regained. Unfortunately, the outcome of the surgery was not very definitive, and even if I noticed an improvement in frontal vision that eliminated the need to bend my head to get a clear view, everything was still blurry on the side. From bottom to top. Diplopia persisted. The doctors took turns, and with the advice of my surgeon, I decided to have another operation in Toulouse by a great professor specializing in these illnesses. The second surgery was performed in May 2020. After that, it was in the middle of COVID and no improvement was seen. But I had to continue training to protect the belt of my world.

I wish my country helped me more

Nardine Ubari

How did you experience the Corbis era and the health crisis?
This period strengthened my motivation. The complexity of closing a room, finding good sparring, and the difficulty of catching up with high levels of rhythm and rigor. This time had a big impact on me and I felt abandoned. completely. As the only high-level athlete in France to defend the title, I have certainly not been interested in or supported by the difficulties of these sports that have affected everyone. did. Worth better. I’ve devoted everything to sports and have been respected and loved since my debut in gloves, both in the ring and outside, but I’ve left a mark on what I’m talking about. I took it for myself and absolutely wanted to face Nonito Donaire. It’s my next challenge and I knew I had all the qualities to defeat it, even though this diplopia still exists, I train with it I learned that, and I was convinced that Donaire was within my reach. Looking back now, I’m not looking for excuses, but for the entire pre-combat atmosphere, confusion, and recurring obstacles. I feel wasted and tired. I accept defeat, but for me there is a real question to be asked about the status of the champion. When you’re at the top of a tough sport like boxing, you can’t keep ignoring athletes. It is imperative to accompany them, listen to them, and help them. I knocked on all the doors, called everyone who could be with my brother and tried to get a visa in time, but I couldn’t. I had to call Elysee and go through social networks to hear my voice, but the situation was still not well considered, passing through Mexico and joining an American with a lawyer on the scene. I confirmed. Soil that was very difficult to access during the pandemic like the rest of the world. I liked my country where I have always served and supported so that I can help more. Finally, the visa was obtained with foreign authorities and external assistance. It’s hard to accept.

Specifically, how did you solve the problem? Specifically, to eat this famous sesame and enter American land to fight Donaire, I had to use a domestic flight in Mexico a few days before the fight. I didn’t have a calm atmosphere or good performance, but I thought I would pass. We were always in control of ourselves, so I was caught up in the movement and excitement of the fight, and I kept believing it while I was tired of the time settled by travel and government just 10 days before the fight. I did. On the spot, when I returned to France, I told myself that I had to have another surgery and quit boxing, and started to release myself. I knew that if I won or lost, I was tired of having too many conditions and decided to quit. I couldn’t think of remobilizing myself and sacrificing myself not only for my dreams, but for everyone who follows me.

Nordine Oubaali proudly poses Karim Foudil / Nino One

Tell me the rest of the story …
As a result, he returned to France after his defeat. I had surgery in June 2021 and still haven’t made any progress. Various studies had to be done and we had to wait for no improvement. I left with the aim of ending my career, and my manager rejuvenated me with three battles and the possible career plans at the World Championships on the line. This idea sprouted in my mind, I continue to be a competitor, and I love my discipline deeply. So I found a desire and tried to mobilize myself. At the same time, the surgeon contacted me and said that he could consider a new surgery. So, in December 2021, we carried out another operation. I had to put up with the realization of the contract with the battle proposer. But I have to admit that I’m no longer patient and don’t want to sacrifice myself so much. So I said I would stop. I decided to cut my gloves.

How do you see your career, and what are your plans?
I am very proud to have realized my childhood dreams. I have set three historical records beyond my dreams: the first French WBC bantam-class world champion, the first French world champion in all categories in 15 battles, three world championship titles in the same year The first French to win, all done outside. I quit boxing, but I’m still passionate about it. Immediately launch a website to stay connected with everyone who supports me and to convey my expertise and skills to as many people as possible. .- I learned from the ring and it is useful every day in society. I am convinced that organizations, organizations and institutions that support education and integration through sports must be supported and accompanied. I have free access to carry out specific actions and projects.

What do you think ?
I regularly lead master classes to meet on my area of ​​expertise, leadership, self-confidence and resilience. Before becoming a champion, one must immerse himself in strong human values. We all had to go through a small club and salute with volunteers. As I leave the ring, I have a deep affection for all the people who have crossed along the way and for all those who have supported me and allowed me to pursue my dreams. Another battle begins today. It’s a matter of future generations of battle and heritage. I had two Olympics. I know what the Olympics represent to athletes, but far beyond this aspect, my main concern is the issue of the younger generation. I play sports for all and continue to be mobilized to engage through sports, a true social mission. I believe it and it is available to everyone in this state of mind. It is about building the society we want tomorrow through sports. Top athletes must be fully integrated into the decision and development of the sport.